Arkansas Essays

  • Descriptive Essay On Arkansas

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    Have you ever wondered how Arkansas got its title “The Natural State?” Most people believe it 's because of Arkansas 's rugged landscape or its flowing rivers. The last thing people think of is diamonds. Most people think of diamonds as a mystical object or something that 's barely ever seen, but we are blessed in Arkansas to have an abundance of them, along with natural beauty. The first diamond discovery in the area was made in 1906 by John Huddleston, the farmer who owned the piece of land. There

  • How Huckabee Changed America

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    Mike Huckabee was the 44th Governor of Arkansas. He was governor from 1996 until 2007. He has gone down in Arkansas’s history as the longest serving governor. When Huckabee left office he left tax cuts, job creation, reconstruction of his state’s road system, K-16 education reform, and a health plan that took a less expensive approach than the government’s approach to healthcare. He has changed Arkansas it a positive way. Lindsey Graham started his career in politics in 1994 when he was elected as

  • Humorous Wedding Speech Sample

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    my beautiful husband with sandy blonde hair as we watch our Son, A little brown haired, green eyed beauty named Dylan, run through the yard without a care in the world. I have a dream that one day I will be standing in the chamber of which the Arkansas House of Representatives holds their

  • Daisy Bates Role In The Civil Rights Movement

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    There are some informative sources on Daisy Bates. For example, Collier-Thomas, and Franklin provide detailed information on the women in the Civil Rights Movement, including Bates. They focus Bates’ leadership skills and her personality as a leading figure in contrast to other women. However, the monograph focuses less on Bates’ leadership in the local NAACP branch and more so on just her leadership during the integration crises. Crawford et. al, also focuses on women, who participated in the

  • Ruby Rose Blevins: Patsy Montana

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    Ruby Rose Blevins, who was professionally known as Patsy Montana, was a well-known country music star and actress during the 1930’s. Blevins was born to Augustus and Amanda Blevins on October 30, 1908 in Beaudry, AR, and was the first female among her eleven other siblings (Cochran). At a young age she had started learning to yodel and play many instruments, those of which included: guitar, organ, and violin (Brennan and Manheim). She has said her influence derived from Jimmie Rodgers, church songs

  • The Notorious Jumping Frog Short Story

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    American authors have been using details in their stories for many years. In both Mark Twain and Sarah Orne Jewett story they both used very vidid details in their writing this was a wildly popular way to connect with the audience in this time period and still is used in most stories today. At the time these stories were written many authors were writhing in a European style so this attract many people to read their stories since it was different from what they have been reading. Using details

  • Social Intelligence In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

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    As years pass by, scientists work tirelessly to make more advanced technology to make everyone's lives more comfortable and automated. In society, this is seen as a gift, since it allows the world to work less for the things wanted, but nothing can be perfect. Sadly, technology has lowered the intelligence level of humans, not only with knowledge, but also with social intelligence. This can be found in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, where it is normal in society to not be intelligent. Throughout

  • Siddhartha Analysis

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    In the book, Siddhartha hears the teaching of Buddha but in the film, this is left out. This could have been for the purpose of saving time and as such, the idea is presented in a nut shell. It is only an 80 minutes film, so the filmmaker has to leave certain things out to make space for some other inclusions. The oriental feel to the film (Rooks, 1972) is something one cannot ignore. The scenes of rural India, Rabindra Sangeet, sweeping shots of forests, lakes and sunsets, the character of Kamala

  • Maurice Britt Research Paper

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    Maurice Britt was known for many important things. He was a professional football player, a medal of honor recipient of World War II, a Lieutenant governor of Arkansas, and he was also a businessman. Maurice Lee Britt was on June 29, 1919 in Carlisle, Arkansas. His parents were Morris Lee and Virgie Britt. When he was a kid, Maurice moved to Lonoke (Lonoke county). When he went to his local fair he won a pair of shoes, that is where he got his nickname “Footsie. Maurice was known also known for

  • Hendrix College Reflection

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    I began applying and preparing senior. I only visited Hendrix college before applying. I could not afford to travel to the other states to visit colleges and I did not have the time to visit other colleges. Also, I was planning to stay in state. I did not take any SAT or ACT prep classes because they were expensive. I did not take the SAT because the colleges I wanted to apply to did not need it. Most colleges require either the SAT or ACT. I heard the ACT was less expensive and easier than the SAT

  • Case Study Tyson Foods

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    1.0 Introduction As the business needed in the 1950s due to the increasingly complexity of supplying the businesses with materials and transporting those materials from suppliers to customers, logistics became the one of the most important business concepts. The meaning of logistics in the business firm is “having the right product at the right quantity at the right place at the right time at the right price in the right condition to the right customer”. The main purpose of this essay is to manage

  • The 400 Blows Analysis

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    The 1959 French film The 400 Blows, the debut of director Francois Truffaut, changed the course of cinema within the span of less than 100 minutes. The 400 Blows, with child-like elegance, expresses the gentle yet callused nature of the writer/director through the use of authentic storytelling, superb casting, innovative production, and the effective molding of all of these traits to make one, powerful masterpiece. The story centers around thirteen year old Antoine and his life in 1950’s Paris. Antoine

  • Forms Of Poetry In Maya Angelou's Phenomenal Woman

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    Poetry can take on many forms, but it always has one common goal: to impact the reader in ways they have never been impacted before. A single poem can mean something different to every reader and even the poet. People read to poems to find humor, joy, solidarity, and comfort. Being a poet means being a guide for an audience much bigger than themselves, but it also means being true to oneself. Maya Angelou used poetry to impact the lives of many people and for that she is one of the most influential

  • Theme Of Heroism In Huckleberry Finn

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    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is thoroughly saturated by heroism through the literary characters, Huckleberry Finn and Jim. Huckleberry Finn’s hero's journey can be summarized with three key components: the call to adventure, the abyss, and the transformation. The call to adventure is when a character receives whether, internally or externally, an invitation for an adventure. The abyss is the complete downfall of the hero; this event is critical because it shows the hero’s humanity

  • Freedom In Mark Twain's The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

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    Huck struggles to identify the freedom he is experiencing early in the novel. Excluding the raft episode, Huck undergoes numerous encounters with literal freedom and still lacks satisfaction. It soon becomes evident to the reader that Huck’s definition of freedom is something that he is unable to achieve. This is because Huck is chasing a freedom that does not exist. If the idea of Huck’s chasing freedom was the main conflict, the resolution would be found much sooner than the novel’s end. Huck experiences

  • Essay On Embracing Water

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    If you have decided it is time to teach your child to swim, but he or she is so afraid of swimming pools and other bodies of water, it can be best to ease your child into embracing water before lessons begin. While swimming instructors can work one-on-one with your child to help ease fears, if your child is taking a group class, then it is best that he or she get past this fear and actually be ready to learn swimming techniques when class begins. You are also your child's most trusted adult, so your

  • Arkansas Times Case

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    The trial between Arkansas Times and the Commissioner of Revenue finally came to a close today after three years. Arkansas Times is a magazine published in Arkansas that includes articles about many different subjects ranging from religion to sports. The state of Arkansas exempts “religious, professional, trade and sports journals and/or publications printed and published within [the] State…” from paying sales taxes. However, Arkansas Times was not included in the exemption and the magazine felt

  • Arkansas Tech Case Study

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    Arkansas Tech Arkansas Tech University was founded by act 100 of the 37th Arkansas General Assembly. it was announced on Feb. 10, 1910 that Russellville would be home to the second district Agricultural school. Arkansas Tech offers more than 100 programs of study, including 25 master 's degrees, in the colleges of applied sciences, Arts and Humanities, Business. Arkansas Tech has single sex dorms. It is also a public college. Arkansas Tech has baztech it is a place to eat and hang out with friends

  • Rock V. Arkansas Case Study

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    Rock v. Arkansas was a case, which took place in 1983. The defendant, Vickie Lorene Rock, was charged with manslaughter. She was convicted of killing her husband in July 1983. The defendant was unable to remember everything that had happened the night of her husbands killing. So therefore her defense attorney had a doctor, by the name of Bettye Back, twice hypnotize Vickie Rock to allow her to remember fully what happened the night she killed her husband. During her hypnotic sessions she was

  • Arkansas Rehabilitation Services Division: Case Study

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    Arkansas Rehabilitation Services Division is a division of the Arkansas Department of Career Education which helps individuals’ overcome obstacles by focusing on their abilities rather than the disability. Arkansas Rehabilitation Services Division mission is to prepare Arkansans with disabilities to work and lead productive and independent lives. Arkansas Rehabilitation Services (ARS) include career and technical education and training, transition from school to work or postsecondary education, on-the-job