Biographical Essay: The Old Wire Road

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Introduction Being a nearly lifelong resident of Ozark Mountains of Missouri, I have always been fascinated by the many interesting legends and tales that have been shared with me by many of the various characters that I have had the opportunity of meeting over the years. Tales of the Civil War, lost Spanish Treasure Caves, Notorious Outlaws, Bushwhackers and many fascinating characters that once roamed these ancient hills and hollers. Some of my favorites are stories that transpired along a stretch of road that folks here in the Ozarks refer to as the “Old Wire Road.” What we now refer to as the “Old Wire Road,” wasn’t always a road, but rather a series of ancient trails used for migration and trade by several Indian tribes over many generations. The …show more content…

Portions of what were once parts of the Wire Road were eventually paved and became stretches of route 66 in Missouri back in the late 1920’s, and later following what is now known as Interstate 44. Other portions heading down into Ft. Smith, Arkansas run along what is now known as Interstate 49. This collection of stories aren’t actually about the Old Wire Road itself, but rather about some of the legends, lore, and most importantly, the stories of many of the people who lived, fought and died during its long history and transformation. Whether tales of ancient times, the Civil War or the modern era, I find that it’s vital that we preserve not only the memory but the stories of our ancestor’s lives. Whether they be Black or White, Mexican, Asian or American Indian, these stories are important to us

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