Lifestyle And Beliefs Of The Natchez Indians

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Having been discovered in the late 1500’s the Natchez Indians are one of the most well known indian tribes in Mississippi. The mix of sheer size and famous landmarks such as the Emerald Hills had explained why they had such a big society. They also had a very distinct lifestyle and a very diverse community of families. Since they have a very distinct lifestyle and beliefs the Natchez have become one of the most documented tribes in Mississippi. Early encounters with the Natchez indians started in the late 1500’s with Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto. After the Natchez killed off De Soto’s men in the 1640’s they had an encounter with the Natchez and smoked a peace pipe. That had lasted for a few days. The soldiers wrote down their experience with the Natchez Indians, describing it as they stayed three days and each day was interesting. They each found how unique the Natchez were in the areas that they learned about them. Two French brothers setup a trade shack near the Mississippi river and gained a lot of trade from …show more content…

Having the more important cultural aspects near large towns or what they consider cities. Men and women in the Natchez had different roles, the men had the role of being the warriors and killing animals for food. They also waged wars with other Indian tribes to show their dominance. The women had the role of taking care of the children. They also made meals for the men to eat by drying the meat of a buffalo, making beef jerky. They also took care of the farming and gathering of different herbs. Every tribe used their corn each year in The Green Corn Ceremony. The Green Corn Ceremony is a ceremony praying for a good harvest in the coming season. They believed that they were made to worship Animals for their sacrifice. Another popular site to pray was Emerald hill mainly because of the ceremonies held their. (Source

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