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  • The Pros And Cons Of Missouri Southern State University

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    college they would like to attend. When questioned, current students often say they chose Missouri Southern State University for the university’s affordability or they reside in Joplin already. It's no secret that Missouri Southern State University, also referred to as MSSU or MOSO, has one of the lowest tuition rates in Missouri, but that is not the only positive quality the university has to offer. Missouri Southern State University is an excellent choice for prospective students. The criteria employed

  • Essay On Missouri Compromise

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    The Missouri Compromise has just been signed by our President, James Monroe. The Missouri Compromise is a compromise my Congress that admits Missouri as a slave state, which would have upsets the delicate balance of free states to slave states in the Senate. In order to balance out the slave states to Free states, land is carved from Massachusetts in the north to form the state of Maine. So the Compromise then outlines that the rest of the Missouri Territory (formerly Louisiana Territory but had

  • Compare And Contrast Slavery And The Missouri Compromise

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    The Missouri Compromise was created to maintain the fragile balance between slave and free states. Its purpose was put to the test when a slave, Dred Scott, filed a lawsuit against his late owner’s widow, Mrs. Emerson, for false imprisonment. He was originally purchased in Missouri and then brought to Illinois to live and work. Under the Missouri Compromise slavery was allowed in Missouri but prohibited in Illinois. Dred Scott believed that his residency in Illinois made him a free citizen. His case

  • Kansas City Missouri Police Department: Case Study

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    Kansas City Missouri Police Department provides many services for victims of domestic and violent crimes in Kansas City. Not only does the police department provide services to victims that suffered violent crimes they also provide services for victims of robberies. “The mission of the Victim Assistance Unit is dedicated through professionalism, honor and integrity, with community partners to consistently and positively impact the quality of life for the citizens of Kansas City Missouri by assisting

  • Research Paper On Thomas Jefferson And The Missouri Compromise

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    February 28, 2017 Thomas Jefferson and the Missouri Compromise Known as the author for the Declaration of Independence, a lawyer in the 18th century and later president, Thomas Jefferson had a huge impact on our country. He was a very politically motivated individual. He never stopped trying to improve our country. In 1819 the Missouri territory applied into the Union as a slave state. After admission, Jame Tallmadge purposed an amendment admitting Missouri as a free state. The Tallmadge Amendment

  • The Missouri Compromise And Conflicts That Lead To The American Revolution

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    Missouri Compromise – The Missouri Compromise was created by Henry Clay. This was a law that was produced in the United States and passed by the State Congress as a law in 1820. This law helped regulate slavery in the western regions. In 1819, Missouri wished and requested to be a slave state which upset the people who were for slavery and against slavery in the United States. This is because there was an equal number of states who had slavery and states who didn’t have slavery. If this was granted

  • Biographical Essay: The Old Wire Road

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    Introduction Being a nearly lifelong resident of Ozark Mountains of Missouri, I have always been fascinated by the many interesting legends and tales that have been shared with me by many of the various characters that I have had the opportunity of meeting over the years. Tales of the Civil War, lost Spanish Treasure Caves, Notorious Outlaws, Bushwhackers and many fascinating characters that once roamed these ancient hills and hollers. Some of my favorites are stories that transpired along a stretch

  • Essay On My Ideal American Dream

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    expensive school to get into if I don’t have good enough test scores for somethings, especially scholarships. If my Mizzou dream fails, I hope to attend Missouri State- Springfield or Missouri Southern State University. Maybe I’ll even follow in my parents, sister, and aunt and uncle’s footsteps and attend college in Cape Girardeau at Southeast Missouri State University. It will be a long path. Who knows, in the future I might even change my mind, but right now I am passionate about what I plan to do

  • Essay On St. Louis Area Code 314

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    Louis Area Code 314 St. Louis is the second-largest city in Missouri after Kansas City. It has an estimated population of 308,000 people and covers 66 square miles along the Missouri River in the eastern part of the state. St. Louis is an independent city, meaning that it doesn’t belong to any counties, and area code 314 includes the cities of Maryland Heights, Hazelwood, Saint Ann, and others as well. St. Louis is important in Missouri and the entire Midwest, and it sits 248 miles from Kansas City

  • Maya Angelou Research Paper

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    Darius Hudson February 8, 2016 Mr. Shannon English 1302.53 Maya Angelou Maya Angelou was born as Marguerite Johnson in St. Louis Missouri in 1928. She was three years old when her parents divorced and from that point forward; she spent much of her childhood in Stamps, Arkansas living with her grandmother whom everyone called "Momma." In Stamps, she learned what it was like to live as a black person in a white dominated society. Shortly after being raped by her mother’s boyfriend she returned

  • The Assassination Of Maya In Stamps By Maya Angelou

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    Marguerite, “Maya,” Angelou was born on April 4, 1928 in St. Louis, Missouri. At the age of three, Maya’s parents divorced, and she and her brother, Bailey, moved to Stamps, Arkansas to live with their grandmother. The family owned and operated a general store at which many people shopped. When Maya was seven, she and Bailey moved back to St. Louis to live with their biological mother. One year later, Maya was raped by her mother’s boyfriend, Mr. Freeman. He was found guilty, but was only in jail

  • Maya Angelou Research Paper

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    Maya Angelou was a very soulful and light person. She always looked content but there were periods in her life where things didn’t go as planned. She was born on April 4th 1928, In St. Louis Missouri the state of the Norton grape. When she was three she was sent to live with her grandma in Stamps, Arkansas. Annie (her grandmother owned the town’s only black owned convenience store. Since Arkansas is a southern state, Maya, her grandmother and her brother Bailey Jr. were subjected to discrimination

  • Kerri Morgan Case Study

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    Demographic Kerri Morgan is a forty-three-year-old woman who lives in St. Louis, Missouri. Kerri was born in New York, and at a young age her family relocated to St. Louis. St. Louis is unique, for the reason that it has the Special School system. Upon arrival, Kerri’s parents fought hard to have her attend a mainstream school. In the end, her parents won the battle and Kerri attended a mainstream school throughout her primary and secondary education. After high school, Kerri traveled away to college

  • Argumentative Essay On Fight Club

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    Fight Club Argumentative Essay In a decade where emasculation was an issue for many males, Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Fight Club attempted to address the problem. In the novel, a group named Fight Club (which later evolved into Project Mayhem) tried to give men the feeling of power that they were so desperately lacking for many years. Fight Club was a group created by the narrator to help restore the feeling of masculinity and power to men, which prepared them for Project Mayhem by allowing them to

  • Jack's Influence On Lord Of The Flies

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    Lord of the Flies Jack represents being power hungry and disobedient for the incorrect reasons In the book Lord of the flies, there are several things that connect the earth right now and human expertise. In the book most of the boys go through a phase that they never went through before, through out the book they're going through a "animal-like" phase that I feel the reader does not expect from them. I decided a decision} to concentrate on Jack because I believe that he was a lot more animal-like

  • Literary Analysis Of 'The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock'

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    In the poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, it is about a man who is insecure. In the story, a man named Mr.Prufrock is debating whether or not he should ask the “overwhelming question”. In the story, he is very self-conscious about him getting old and becoming bald. This poem was written in February 1910. On February 1, 1910, the first British labor exchange opens. Also in this 1910, on February 19, 1910 English premiere of Richard Strauss’ “Elektra”. New Girl is a show about a girl that moves

  • Swot Analysis Of Bass Pro Shop

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    Summary Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World aims to help people actualize their dreams of an outdoor adventure. Bass Pro Shops is many things; it is a museum, an aquarium, an art gallery, an antique shop, a conservation and education center and most importantly a destination retailer. Bass Pro Shops is the leading retailer of outdoor gear and has more then 1 million visitors a year. Industry retailers agree that Bass Pro Shops is a master marketer when it comes to destination retailers. Destination retailers

  • Write An Essay On Brett Favre

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    Brett Favre was born in Gulfport, Mississippi, on October 10, 1969. He was the second of four boys, and he grew up in the wilds of bayou country. He enjoyed hunting and fishing with his three brothers. In school, Brett, like his siblings, showed a passion and talent for baseball and football. Favre seemed to be a better baseball player, as Brett took a spot in the starting rotation for Hancock North Central in the eighth grade. As the son of a tough-nosed football coach, Favre demonstrated a gift

  • College Essay About Lacrosse

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    If there’s one thing that every Kansas Citian knows and loves, it's sports. With many successful professional teams, intense college rivalries and a plethora of youth and high school sports, everyone has an investment in local athletics. And while the classics– football, soccer and baseball– have held our citizens' investment in an iron grip, a new sport has been growing steadily behind the scenes: lacrosse. The Kansas City Metro Girls Lacrosse Association (KCMGLA), established in 2011, was

  • Willie Mays Junior's Life And Accomplishments

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    William Mays Junior was born on May 6, 1931, in Westfield Alabama. The father of Willie Mays was a steelworker who played centerfield for the local Birmingham industrial league semi-pro team.His mother was a high school track star and it was clear from a very early age that Willie Mays had gotten lots of his athletics from his parents. According to his father, Mays learned to walk at six months, and soon thereafter he and Mays were playing catch with each other. The instructions he gave to Mays were