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The Missouri Compromise has just been signed by our President, James Monroe.

The Missouri Compromise is a compromise my Congress that admits Missouri as a slave state, which would have upsets the delicate balance of free states to slave states in the Senate. In order to balance out the slave states to Free states, land is carved from Massachusetts in the north to form the state of Maine. So the Compromise then outlines that the rest of the Missouri Territory (formerly Louisiana Territory but had a name change with the admission of Louisiana as a state) above the Missouri Compromise Line would be free and those below would be slave states with the exception of Missouri.
The air is filled with controversy; Missouri, despite being considered‏ …show more content…

I actually was the one who proposed to create a new state in the north to balance out the Senate and to predetermine the rest of our territory and lands to the west.
R: So how do u feel about the issue?
HC: I think it is a good solution. We have appease everyone with this, the slave owners have their rights and the free north has a majority in the House of Representative as well territory that will be free. Everyone is happy with it!
R: How do u think this will affect the future of the Union?
HC: I think it will strengthen it, we are United States, different states that have different ideologies and different views, different systems, different lands, but that is what makes this nation special. We are not uniform, we are United as America, and different in states. I believe the union will hold strong!
R: thanks for being here
HC: thanks for having me

From these two men u can see that there is complete different ideology as to what will happen. Will we stay unified as the United States or will we shatter and cluster in accordance to our ideology? What does the future have instore for us as a Union? Only time can

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