The Pros And Cons Of Missouri Southern State University

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Whether international, transfer or incoming freshman, students are in the process of trying to decide what college they would like to attend. When questioned, current students often say they chose Missouri Southern State University for the university’s affordability or they reside in Joplin already. It's no secret that Missouri Southern State University, also referred to as MSSU or MOSO, has one of the lowest tuition rates in Missouri, but that is not the only positive quality the university has to offer. Missouri Southern State University is an excellent choice for prospective students. The criteria employed will be classes, student demographics, and resident life. One of the positives of Missouri Southern State University are the classes. Classes at MSSU are relatively small, averaging about 20-30 students per teacher. This allows for a more intimate learning experience and class participation. When asked, fellow students agree that the small classes are auspicious since it allows for more one on one discussions in class. Classes are favored by MSSU students due to the teacher’s ability to enthrall the students. Students that are interested in a topic are more likely to retain information on the topic. MSSU also offer distance courses or online classes for students who are unable …show more content…

Missouri Southern offers a unique opportunity to meet students from different backgrounds. Missouri Southern State University has a high number of nontraditional students, international students, active military, disabled students, and veterans. This is advantageous since it allows the student to feel accepted and welcomed on campus. The school and the teachers work with a student to ensure that they receive the most out of their education. The school offers a day care for students with families, and the school also offers accommodations for students with disabilities. The diverse campus prepares the student for the

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