Kansas City Missouri Police Department: Case Study

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With a population of about 420,000 residents the Kansas City Missouri Police Department provides many services for victims of domestic and violent crimes in Kansas City. Not only does the police department provide services to victims that suffered violent crimes they also provide services for victims of robberies. “The mission of the Victim Assistance Unit is dedicated through professionalism, honor and integrity, with community partners to consistently and positively impact the quality of life for the citizens of Kansas City Missouri by assisting crime victims, witnesses, survivors, families, and neighborhoods experiencing violent crime or trauma (KCPD, 2015).” “The Victim Assistance Unit provides crisis intervention, referrals…show more content…
When researching Joplin Police Department Victim Services the only information that the website provides is under Municipal Judge and Courts. “Under the authority of the Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 479.190 (Municipal Courts and Traffic Courts), the court may order conditions which the court believes will serve to compensate the victim of the crime, any dependent of the victim, or society in general. Such conditions may include, but need not be limited to: restitution to the victim or any dependent of the victim, in an amount to be determined by the judge; and the performance of a designated amount of free work for a public or charitable purpose, or purposes, as determined by the judge. Also, the City of Joplin's Prosecuting Attorney's office works cooperatively with the Lafayette House to provide services to victims of domestic violence (Joplin…show more content…
The victim service for Springfield Missouri has its own location separate from the police department. The Springfield Victim Center provides a 24 hour crisis hotline and intervention, kids court where it can educate the kids and parents about the court process, community crisis response team, individual family and group therapy, and victim advocacy services. The Victim Center has many advocates that specialize in specific area such as adult therapists, children’s services, adolescent therapists, edication coordinator, domestic violence victim advocate, and victim advocate/volunteer

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