Kansas City Police Officer Research Paper

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Three Kansas City police score unit officer’s Jeffrey M. Bell, Dustin Sillings, and Darryl M. Forrest were charged with theft of federal government property, conspiracy against rights and deprivation of rights under color of the law. The Kansas City police officer were caught by FBI (Federal bureau of Investigation). The Kansas City police officers stole several items and cash in a house that had surveillance cameras during a staged sting operation. The type of situation always makes people wonder what would make these people want to do something like this? Why would the officers discarded their commitment to the city to protect and serve as they swore to do so? Even the presiding judge for the federal courts asked why would a veteran officer throw away his life for cash and camcorder as stated in ("3 KCK officers plead guilty - KCTV5," 2012) There are several possible reasons why these officers decided to steal these items. One reason why the officers stole these items is simply peer pressure I would say all three officers agreed to take the items for their personal gain. Another reason why I believe …show more content…

The men could face 12 years in prison and fine of $450.000 if they receive the maximum penalty according to ("FBI — Kansas City, Kansas Police Officers Charged with Thefts While Serving Search Warrants," n.d.). The men were also an embarrassment to their community and the police department possibly receive backlash from the community for their entire life’s. The officer’s names are now known for what they have done and they ruined their family’s name. According to ("3rd KCK officer sentenced after sting," n.d.) Dustin Sillings, has to serve one year of supervised release for violating a federal civil rights law, Darrell M. Forrest, has been sentenced to 12 months and a day in prison, and Jeffrey M. Bell, was sentenced earlier to eight months behind

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