Oklahoma City Police Academy Essay Examples

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There is a saying in the Oklahoma City Police academy, “bring everything, everyday.” This statement is a lesson to the recruits to make sure they have everything. Because you never know what you are going to need, like black cross trainers, which is what I did not bring. I failed when it came to following through on the statement of “bring everything, everyday.” I did not bring my cross trainers, honestly because I did not think we would need them. This is exactly the type of thinking the training staff at the Oklahoma City Police academy is trying to train out of the recruits. In this memo we will cover why it is important to train to bring everything, everyday. We will also talk about how not having my equipment can affect myself in the …show more content…

One of the ways it can affect me personally is individual physical punishment. This is one of the forms of punishments for a recruit at the Oklahoma City Police academy. This form of punishment is given when recruits forget their different items, such as a water bottle in the bathroom. If you forget a water bottle or misplace it and the training staff finds it. Then you are going to be given a certain exercise to do by a set time. The normal punishment for forgetting a water bottle or misplacing it is fifty pulls. Another form of punishments for a recruit at the Oklahoma City Police academy is writing memo over whatever they did wrong. The reason for the memo is to have the recruits sit down and think through the concept they failed out. Such as, not having everything, everyday. There is a reason for everything in the academy. The individual forms of punishment are to remind the recruits there are consequences to their actions. If a recruit fails to bring their body camera to the academy, there might be a memo or physical punishment. However, if a recruit fails to get a body camera before hitting the streets or does not turn it on they are in violation of policy. If you are in violation of policy then a punishment will not be a memo or physical punishment. It will be a

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