Essay On Police Deviance

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Police deviance is something that isn’t particularly talked about in the open. The reactions to certain actions by the police are either kept under wraps or blown up in the media to a dramatic extent. The purpose of this paper is to focus on the negative side of police deviance and the repercussions that follow. This will allow some light to be shown on the actions of officers that don’t follow the rules that they set out to uphold. If the peacekeepers aren’t keeping the peace, then the reasoning for having a position of power is null. Literature Review *Needs Serious Help The literature used for this subject is closely related to one another with key differences between each different articles approach. They all address the concept of police corruption and deviance in general but take different stances on the cause of it and how it’s fundamentally made within a flawed system. The articles to follow suit all provide insight to previous methods of addressing the matter. The Effect of Sanctions on Police Misconduct by…show more content…
As such, the public should have more sway in the decision making process for proper punishment for the officers in question. Furthermore, the details of the investigation should be made public so that the law enforcement agency employing the offender cannot pull punches in regards to their punishment. In effect this would lower the chances of negative police deviance as there would be no room for making a horrendous decision that affects the life of another individual. This is not to mention the fact that such a public disgrace goes beyond the slap on the wrist that the agency usually attempts to use. It would single out the offender and keep the agencies public face intact as opposed to giving every officer a bad name as a result of a few bad
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