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“Never underestimate a FBI’s ability to find things out” (Unknown). FBI agents are people who investigate situations where harm is involved. Being an FBI agent has always been something that interests me. I have always liked solving things and this job is based a lot on solving investigations. I have never been interested in a laid back job, I have always wanted something more action based. I feel as though finding out who commited a crime would be such an intriguing thing to do. Also, FBI agents save so many lives and helping people is something I enjoy. Since I have always been interested in solving crimes and helping others, I believe that being a FBI agent will be a good career choice for me.

Being able to use logic and reasoning to solve complex situations is necessary to be a good investigator. Agents should have the capability to know and comprehend when something is going wrong or starting to fail as this skill will …show more content…

They will have health plans for the investigator him/herself and for their families as well. Once a year they will be given a paid trip that can be 14 to 26 days long. Missing 13 days a year due to sickness is allowed as well as having 10 holiday breaks. The investigator will have a Spending Account program that will allow them to put nearly 5,000 dollars aside for a year for a medical spending that is tax free. Classes that will teach you the skills to become an investigator can be taken as in home classes or outside classes (Chron.com).
As you enter the field as a new FBI agent you will be paid less then you will be as a more experienced agent. A new agent will make around $43,441 per year before their additional pay jump. After the jump they will receive an additional 25% which will be $61,100 to $69,000 per year. When you become a more experienced as a GS-11 to GS-13 level you will make anywhere from $50,287 to $93,175 per year. A GS-14 or GS-15 level agent will make $84,697 to $129,517 per year.

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