Forensic Science Career Essay

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Crime has been at its highest this year. Forensic science has played a major part in investigating crimes and searching for evidence that is not seen by the naked eye(Dillon). The field of forensics is continually growing, causes of death have become more interesting, autopsies are more critical, and the salary is appreciable(Gewin). Since there are only 18 forensic science undergraduate programs in the US that have been authorized by the American Academy of Forensic Science, my prospective college choices are limited. After tackling the time it will take to earn my bachelors in forensics(4 years), then finish medical school and four years of residency, it will eventually all be worth the wait. The educational path required to achieve my goal of becoming a forensic scientist will be a long, exhausting process. The different characteristics of forensic science- like the use of analytical techniques- is what sets itself apart from just any other science degree(Thorpe). Being just a junior in high school, KEES money plays a major role in helping me decide where I go …show more content…

Getting a job in forensics takes the ability to incorporate all of the scientific strengths learned and the love for solving crimes. Giving expertise on legal activities also plays a major role in investigating and solving misdemeanors(“Discover Careers in Forensic Science”). Many occupations in forensics can be sometimes labeled as morbid or gruesome. Some of these careers may include, forensic crime scene investigators, coroners, anthropologists, and pathologists(forensic medical examiners)(Palmer). These professions salaries can range anywhere from 50,000 to over 200,000 a year(Kaelin). The amount of money that’s made depends mostly on the location of the job and the participants level of education. Other jobs like, forensic accountants, engineers, and attorneys have the highest paying salaries in the field of

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