Samuel Reeves And October

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Forensic science has been an aid to the law enforcement community for years now. It has solved cases that were unsolved years before DNA and science started to play a role with cases and law enforcement. The case of Samuel Reeves and James Layne was unsolved in the year 1989, this was considered a cold case because it had been years since they found who the murderer was. This case was considered a crime of passion, where it first started off by kissing and having the same attraction towards each other, but when James Layne started to get aggressive and not respecting Reeves decision to not have sex, that was when things got hectic. Forensic science helped this case by the use of fingerprints, they found the fingerprints in a bottle, and when …show more content…

Fingerprint analysis can be collected in different ways, some forensic scientists use tape lift, where they place the tape on the can and they can get the fingerprint, but others use a different method, depending on the situation. In the article called “Fingerprint on beer can helps solve nearly three-decade old case,” by Zack Peterson: “A fingerprint on a beer can put a 49-year-old Alabama man in jail Wednesday for his role in a homicide nearly three decades ago (2017).” Once they interrogated Reeves, at which point he had already had a lawyer with him, he then confessed to the crime, he said that it was out of passion, in 2016, they finally announced that he was a match, and the only thing Reeves had left was confessing and he did. He served already a year in Silverdale Correctional Facility, and the rest is going to be served at home, through probation. Grand jury was used in this case, and that was how the case was resolved, he was first sentenced to 7 years but since he had minimal prior criminal record he was given around a year and then the rest was served with probation. This is how the case ended, and how forensic science continued to solve cases that were unsolved, like the case of Anna Palmer, a 10 year old girl who was killed and left in front of her house, and years later they used forensic technology to solve the

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