The BTK Case

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In the BTK case, Rader killed many people throughout the years without being caught because of the scientific capabilities in the U.S. as the years went by, the technical field became more and more progressive when it came DNA and profiling victims and even criminals. The fact the Rader was so sure he wasn’t going to get caught any time soon, led to him sending out a digital disk and even a letter written with his own hand writing was incredible. It’s as if he wanted to get caught and gave investigators and law enforcement every opportunity but the capabilities just didn’t allow it at that time. Rader’s daughter’s DNA somehow got obtain by the hands of law enforcement years later and led to investigators being able to link her to her …show more content…

“I knew somewhere along the line of eighth grade or freshman in high school that I had some abnormal tendencies at that point in time. But it exploded on January 15, 1974. That’s when the ball game exploded. You know, at some point in time, someone should have picked something up from me and identified it.” He stated. Time and DNA have a lot to do in this case, if things had not prospered and progressed through time, his case might had never been solved and he would’ve still been running around let loose on the streets as an unknown serial killer. Rader blamed his crimes on “factor x” meaning he was dropped on his head as a kid and says he was possessed by demons when that happen. He states he cannot control this and he believes that is why he took the lives of those 10 people. Rader also states he laid down at night and thought of his action towards a specific person, then he would take those actions and make them happen under any circumstance. In one of his communications in 2004, he left a Rice Krispies box at a Home Depot. Security cameras facing the parking lot noticed a vehicle circling the lot, and stopping briefly. Police identified that vehicle as belonging to Dennis Rader. With his vehicle and floppy disk, the police felt confident that they would obtain a DNA sample. Rader masturbated on almost every scene, when the time was right with the right tools, examiners and investigators examines the clothing and bodies of the victims once again. They also took DNA from Rader’s wife, and 2 children and were almost certain they would catch Dennis Rader with sufficient evidence. Many insufficient technology caused this case to spend many years without being solved until forensic technology became the key factor in this

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