Texas Servant Girl Murders (HDSI)

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Texas Servant Girl Murders - (HDSI) In a Public Service Broadcasting History Detectives documentary, a team of forensic scientists and detectives decided to attempt to solve a case more than 130 years old. The “Texas Servant Girl Murders” are a series of murders that took place in Austin, Texas in 1885. These murders have remained a mystery until modern day forensic scientists look back and may have been able to solve this crime easily today. The murder of seven Texas servant girls occurred throughout the year of 1885. The first murder occurred on New Year’s Eve when a twenty-five-year-old woman was brutally ripped from her bed and dragged outside. A bloody axe, a trail of blood, and a dead body with a gaping wound on her head were found at the scene. This was the first murder to occur, after five months there was a similar murder that occurs May 8th,1885; a woman was found dead in her bedroom with a gaping wound over her right eye. Then, not even two weeks later, another woman was found murdered from multiple stab wounds and appeared to have been scalped. Eventually three more women were found dead, and finally the killings ended with two women being murdered on Christmas Eve. Using old newspaper articles from the time surrounding the murders, the team of scientists could find out what was happening in the community to see if it …show more content…

Comparing simple techniques simply to retrieve a piece of evidence is completely different as we learn more about the science and learn from the mistakes made in the past. Looking back at the 1800’s and comparing the technology of the 21st century, the difference is certainly huge. The increase in technology makes information more vast and more ideas can be shared easily. Many sciences are based off many “what ifs” while forensic science is more factual and attempt to solve puzzling occurrences and events and get down to what truly

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