Wayne Williams: The Atlanta Child Murders

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In Atlanta, Ga. there were approximately 29 black kids murdered who were mainly young boys who were found strangled to death. This case became known as the Atlanta Child Murders which involved Wayne Williams was born on May 27, 1958. He graduated high school at Douglas High School in GA. and attended the Georgia State University. Between the years of 1979 through 1981, there were allegedly 29 black youths that was murdered which Wayne Williams was the prime suspect. Wayne Williams a free-lance photographer, talent scout and a virtual genius who was convicted of this horrific crime at the age of 23 in 1982 but was only convicted of two murders. He was convicted to two consecutive life sentences. Although he was convicted of only two murders, the authorities attributed Wayne Williams to the …show more content…

There were two African-American bodies found of young boys on August 7, 1979. The two young boys who were found in a vacant parking lot were Edward Hope Smith, age 14 and Alfred Evans age, 13. The the two boys were found murdered one of their bodies had a gunshot wound. As more of the local children turned up murdered, the community became rattled. Because of how the community reacted to the murders of the African-American children in Atlanta, GA. The police could not ignore them because law enforcement was not providing any information to the community. There were two additional bodies of young African Americans children who were found in the spring of 1980, and another child became missing. The FBI was then sent in to assist in the case because there were bodies of African-American victims begin turning up in wooded areas. The break that law enforcement needed came when the perpetrator changed where they were disposing of the bodies, which most of the murdered bodies were found in the woods. But bodies started showing up in the Chattahoochee River in 1981. This was a significant change from what the killer had been doing earlier in previous years, which shows that the

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