To Kill A Mockingbird Essays: The Emmett Till Trial

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The Emmett Till Trials “Racism is man’s gravest threat to man- the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reasons”- Abraham Joshua Herschel
Racism is a word that can have different meanings to different individuals, some may use it to distinguish people 's heritage, and others use it to make themselves feel superior to an opposing race. In case of Emmett Till, a young boy was horrifically killed, due to the fact that he talked to white women. Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam killed Emmett and threw his body into the tallahatchie river, and were later to been not not guilty I personally believe that Roy Bryant and J.W Milam should of been convicted of murder. Emmet grew up in downtown chicago raised by his loving mother Mamie, he travel to the south for the summer to spend time with his cousins . …show more content…

After the funeral and public outcry had somewhat dies down the trial for his murder would begin , all involved admitted to different parts of the story some to the kidnapping others to the beating and also the discarding of Emmett 's body . All were known to the community to be of lesser education perhaps a certain class and rough .
There was no denying they kidnapped and beat him or even murdered him but piecing it together was difficult and ultimately the prosecution could adequately prove a case in a southern state that was known for its dislike of what they believed to be a black young man stepping out of his place and speaking forwardly to a white woman . Some thought that Mr.Bryant acted out of defense for his wife 's position and his manhood that if he hadn 't done something that he would look foolish . It would have been very hard to convict case ,the jury would have been saturated with personal opinion and prejudice false truths and ignorant ways . The motive was certainly in place partial admission was made they certainly kidnapped him and he later was found

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