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"Racism is a refuge for the ignorant. It seeks to divide and to destroy. It is the enemy of freedom, and deserves to be met head-on and stamped on." (Pierre Berton) The Scottsboro Trials impacted America in a way that cannot be explained by words. When nine negro boys got off the train in Paintrock, Alabama they had know idea that their lives where about to take an unsuspected turn into disaster. As for Ruby Bates, and Victoria Price they where about to become the headlines across America. The South was also impacted in a way that changed others perspective. The Scottsboro Trials are about to change the way most Americans saw things in 1931, and will see things in the later future.

Being an African American teenaged boy on a train filled white
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What Ruby and Victoria didn't know is that this lie was about to change their lives in such a way, that not even themselves could've seen it coming. Victoria Price, was first on trial for as though Ruby has went into hiding; When Victoria Price was being questioned, she couldn't make eye contact with the defendant attorney, and the only answers she could give where I don't know and I don't remember. While in the midst of the trials the South took the defendants attorney's aggressiveness as biasness against Southern woman. Causing a riot between the Southerners and the Northerners. As all evidence shows Victoria Price's story didn't add up, there where pieces that didn't make any sense; Until Ruby Bates entered the trials. Ruby Bates's sudden appearance in court was a shock to tons of people, it was exceedingly shocking when she was announced as a witness for the defendants. With Ruby Bates in the stand she stated that Victoria had convinced her to make up the lie so that they didn't get arrested. During Cross-examination the prosecution had discovered that the communists had so called "bribed" Ruby into "lying" about the alleged rape. During all the commotion Victoria had lived up to the fame while Ruby had went into hiding, lying isn't any good and Ruby knew what she had done and was guilty. Guilt will bring down…show more content…
None nice, and none fair, nothing but disrespectful, and hatred towards those who where different from them, mainly those of a different color. For the nine boys to be accused of rape by none other than Southern white woman, sent the South into nothing but pure rage. When South white men where appointed to the jury, the trial was already set up for those boys to be guilty; They didn't need to hear any evidence, that verdict was already set in stone. Lawyer Samuel Leibowitz presented every piece of evidence that could've proved the boys innocence, but anybody could've guessed that the trial the boys got was anything but fair. It wasn't until Samuel Leibowitz stated that the boys hadn't gotten a fair trial and suggested that there needed to be an African American man on the jury, that was when the people started listening. Eventually there was a black man on the jury, but only one, and after Ruby Bates gave her statement about making up the rape accusation, the verdict was still guilty. That one man, that one African American changed the future for black all across the South, he may not know it but he did, not only the future but the present. That one man, made a difference in our justice system, he helped shape our future generations; By him being on that jury made him a man of bravery and courage, a man that stood up against those who prejudice, and a man that proved that whites and black
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