Research Paper On Emmett Till's Murder

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This paper will show how brutally Emmett Till was murdered. It will also attempt to explain why he was murdered as well as the impact his death had on the civil rights movement. How that impact is overlooked when the civil rights movement is brought up? Another thing being discussed is the confession made by the murders in this inhuman crime. Also the way he behaved during his kidnapping and how differently he behaved before the kidnapping in his everyday life. I hope to change the why you view the case and its effects.


The civil rights movement was sparked by the inhuman death of Emmett Till. In order to understand the circumstance of this death, you will first need to understand the Jim Crow laws where segregation laws …show more content…

Although there are doubts about who was involved in Emmett Till’s death, the only perpetrators that were tried in court were Roy Bryant, and J.W Milam (Anderson). August 28, 1955 was the day Till was kidnapped and murdered (Emmett Till Biography). Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam went in Mose Wright`s house and demanded the Chicago nigger (Linder).Till was wake up out of his sleep to be dragged to the back of a pickup truck (Linder). He was shot in the right ear, beat with a 45. Colt, and had a gin fan wrapped around his neck with barbed wire (Huie). The complete mutilation of Till’s body left him looking nothing like himself and barely resembling a human …show more content…

He was shot in the right ear, pistol whip, and had barbed wire wrapped around his neck tied to a cotton gin fan. His brutalized body was put on display for the world to see when his mother, Mamie Till let pictures of the open casket funeral be published in Jet Magazine. His open funeral is an important moment in history because it sparked the civil rights

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