How Did The Emmett Till Trial Impact The Civil Rights Movement

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The Civil Rights Movement: Emmett Till When Rosa Parks refused to obey an order to give up her seat to a white person on a Montgomery bus, one of the things she had in mind the murder trial of Emmett Till that took place two months earlier in Sumner, Mississippi. The Civil Rights movement was between 1954 and 1968. Many African Americans participated in protest to receive basic civil rights such as eating in a dinner, riding a bus, and registering to vote. The Emmett Till Trial impacted the Civil Rights movement tremendously increasing motivation for a change in the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Little Rock 9, the Sit Ins, and the South. In 1879, Kansas legislature authorized cities of over 15,000 people to establish separate schools for black and …show more content…

a vehicle went to the preacher’s house, where Till was staying. They woke Till in the middle of the night and Till admitted to talking to Carolyn earlier in the week. They took him to the truck and disappeared into the night. Witnesses say they saw Till riding in the back of a truck to the Milam’s barn. They later heard sounds whipping sounds and a man hollering. Although the owners of the barn, Bryant and Milam, had a different story, Till was most likely shot and killed in the barn (“Emmett Till Murder” 1). Before ditching the body in the Tallahatchie river, Milam was seen at J.W. Milam’s store in Glendora with a pool of blood on the ground. When he was questioned about the dripping blood he claimed that he had killed a deer, and when that did not hold up, he pulled back the cover in the bed to reveal Till’s body and said, “This is what happens to smart niggers.” (“Emmett Till Murder” 1). Milam and Bryant then tied Till’s neck to a fan with barb and rolled him into the river. Bryant and Milam were arrested the day following Till’s disappearance. Then two days later, Till’s body was fished out when a fisherman noticed feet poking out of the water. Body bloated, Till’s body was identified by a silver ring he wore on his hand. His body was removed from the boat and was immediately put into a casket (“Emmett Till Murder”

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