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Emmett Louis Till Emmett Louis Till was born on July 25,1941 in Chicago , Illinois He was the only child of Mamie Till and Louis Till. Emmett never knew his father his father worked in the army. His parents separated in 1942 , and three years later they got a call saying his father passed while serving in Italy. Emmett's mother was a well educated women both academically and professionally. Tills mother was the fourth student to graduate from Chicago's Predominantly Community High School. Emmett's mother was also an single parent working hard 12 hours daily. Emmett grew up in the middle class neighborhood on the south side. He grew up going by the name “Bobo.” If Emmett never did anything he made sure he helped his mom out. Till was basically the man of the house at …show more content…

His mother gave him a ring that was his fathers , with his father's initials “L.V” engraved. Tills mother gave him a kiss and told him goodbye. That was the last time she ever seen her son. Arriving in Mississippi on August 24, 1955 a group of teenagers including Emmett went to the grocery store to buy snacks after a long day of picking cotton. Emmett bought some bubblegum , and later some kids reported that he flirted and whistled at the clerk Carolyn Bryant. Four days after Till accused of doing that crime and he was kidnapped. He was kidnapped by Carolyn's husband Roy Bryant and his half brother J.W. Milam from Till’s uncles house. They beat Emmett tragically and shot him in the head. They drug Till to the bank of Tallahatchie River , tied his body with barbed wire and shoved his body into the water. From there his uncle noticed Emmetts disappearance and reported it to the police, and three days later his body was pulled out of the water. Till’s face was cut up and bruised beyond recognition. His uncle could only identify him by the ring his mother gave him with his fathers name engraved on

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