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  • Eassy On Chicago Fire

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    Along time ago in a city far far away from here a city called Chicago, in 1871 chicago was lit in an unknown way. All we do know is that it was a disaster. The author Jim Murphy gives us plenty of reasons why the city was ready to burn for example, There had been a long lasting drought for several months therefore it was very dry, and the town was basically made of wood and could ignite any time it wanted to. Also to made it even worse the roofs on buildings were made of tar,and there were several

  • Gender Stereotypes In The Movie Chicago

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    a 1942 movie titled “Roxie Hart” and eventually, the 2002 musical movie “Chicago”. (Eig) In the classic tale, Roxie Hart must fool the jury into declaring her not guilty after she kills her boyfriend. Due to the fact that it was based off of a true story, the movie has an obvious correlation with historical events. However, the portrayal of gender stereotypes, crime and prohibition were also accurate. The movie Chicago plays with the idea of women empowerment and subtly incorporates them into

  • Essay On Chicago World's Fair

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    Commencing in the late nineteenth century, the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair has stood the test of time as a symbolic image of unity for the worlds people. Originally organized to commemorate the four hundredth anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in North America, the exposition also served to host and celebrate the many diverse groups and nations from across the globe. The fair would officially commence on May 1, 1893 and would become at the time the largest fair to have been constructed within

  • Essay On The Great Chicago Fire Of 1871

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    it. Chicago is a primary example of a city which proved its strength by undergoing disaster, and becoming better for it. Perhaps the most jarring of these disasters was the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, symbolized by the second of four stars on the Chicago flag. This tragedy, claiming the lives of hundreds and causing millions of dollars in damage, was horrid, but the city overcame and grew to be one of America’s most influential cities. A crucial element of Chicago’s history, the Great Chicago Fire

  • Welcome To Chicago Short Story

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    My story takes place in Chicago, IL. Melissa Martin was about to graduate from The University of Chicago in one month. William Mollard was in graduate school studying geography. He was going to propose to Melissa on her graduation day. He has been planning this for months, but has been held back by his work of studying places on the outskirts of Montana. He recently found an unmarked area on the border of Idaho and Montana. He told his professor and the professor stared at him and said “Leave it

  • Judy Chicago Analysis

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    Rap Weekend in Fresno, Chicago, together with Miriam Schapiro, showcased works that used the central format of abstracted flowers or folds of the vagina. Chicago later reflected on the showcase stating that she could not express her own feelings as she met other women who were just as oppressed as she was through the struggles of being a female artist. The first piece of The Rejection Quintet, How Does It Feel to Be Rejected?, marks the acceptance of the struggles Chicago went through and her symbolic

  • The Positive Effects Of The Great Chicago Fire Of 1871

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    disaster arose in Chicago and reshaped the city permanently: a fire scorched around three square miles of land, leveled thousands of buildings, and stole hundreds of lives (“Chicago Fire of 1871”). Although the effects of this tragedy were harrowing, it actually served as the catalyst which allowed Chicago to become one of America’s largest, most influential cities. How could such a devastating event have such positive effects? A crucial element of Chicago’s history, the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 can

  • Chicago Black Sox Scandal Research Paper

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    The Chicago Black Sox Scandal On August 4, 1921 eight men were banned from Major League Baseball by newly appointed baseball commissioner Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis for allegedly throwing the 1919 World Series. Eight men were accused of fixing the World Series for money. This scandal will forever be remembered in infamy and completely changed the image of professional baseball. Judge Landis became the first commissioner of baseball to fix the broken image of the sport and assure the public of

  • Chinatown Research Paper

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    Chicago 's Chinatown has changed, expanded and evolved as businesses and people come and go. Articles about Chinatown like "Here 's why Chicago 's Chinatown is booming, even as others across the U.S. fade" from the Chicago Tribune mentions that some people believe that Chicago 's Chinatown has avoided gentrification, which is why it continues to thrive as other Chinatowns do not. Even though I can see where they based their statement on, I disagree and think that Chicago 's Chinatown has experienced

  • The Devil In The White City Analysis

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    The Devil in the White City The Devil in the White City is a historical non-fiction book written by Erik Larson that reads like a novel. The book follows two, real main characters, during the building and existence of the Chicago World’s fair. The first is an American architect named Daniel Burnham. The book follows his struggle and work to put this huge fair together, and also make it a huge profiting attraction. He faces many obstacles and internal conflict while doing so. The second is H

  • 11thchapter: A Short Story

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    11thchapter On the next day, the pledges take a trip to the fence around Chicago. Tris had another nightmarish, this time Peter mistreating her to get her to admit to being changed. They take the train to the screen, with Tris staring at Four's forces the whole way Intelligent. The screen around Chicago is guarded by guns, though no one knows what they're keeping out or keeping in. In fact, the Determined used to patrol the poor partition less part of town, but Abnegation voted them out, saying that

  • O Hare International Airport Case Study

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    O’Hare International Airport located in Chicago, Illinois, 27 Km far from the north west of the Chicago city Centre. The airport is the largest hub of United Airline, Also the second largest hub of American Airlines and it was established in conurbations ares.The airport can be accessed by a train (the Blue Line of Chicago L). It works 24 hours a day and the time from the city center to O’Hare International Airport is nearly 40 mins. Chicago O’Hare International Airport is the fifth in the list of

  • The Columbian Exposition Essay

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    As the world has been climbing further into the future, The United States lead the way, as their vast improvements in electricity, mechanics, and manufacturing have the rest of the world nipping at their heels. The World Fair of 1893 was held in Chicago, Illinois and was known as the Columbian Exposition, commemorating the 400 year anniversary of Columbus’ landing on American soil. They used one of the most technologically advanced cities in the United States to show how far they had come.

  • The Great American Fair Analysis

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    R. R. Badger, The Great American Fair: The World’s Columbian Exposition and American Culture (Chicago: Nelson-Hall Company, 1979), 127. 6. Robert W. Rydell, All the World 's a Fair: Visions of Empire at American International Expositions, (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1984). of religion was not foreign to me either. What was eye opening to me was how Badger envisioned the role of the arts. Art provided explanation; art

  • Essay Pros And Cons Of Gentrification

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    In the Chicago land area alone, gentrification plays a huge role. Gentrification is the process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx or middle class of affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces poorer residents. In other words, it is when the city tears down a building where people live, to update its area and raises prices so high that tenants cannot afford it any longer, forcing past tenants to move into poorer areas. Hundreds of lower and middle class income people

  • Informative Essay On Kankakee

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    Narrative: Kankakee, Illinois has so much potential for change. Kankakee is a 100% urban city in Illinois and is located about 45 minutes from the south side of Chicago. Kankakee has been known to some as a very southern suburb, but it is not. Kankakee is a part of a separate tri-city area and is not included in the southern suburbs of Chicago. I will always remember hearing a recording, years ago, of Jay Leno saying that Kankakee is one of the worst places to live. Kankakee is often talked about

  • Argumentative Essay On Women Equality

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    "Thank you all so very much. Thanks for being here, in the great Chicago, Illinois. Thanks to all of you Illinoians who I am so proud to represent in the United States Senate. It was Chicago, Illinois that gave my parents a rebound when we'd been knocked down; it was this city where I not only heard about what it meant to fight for racial justice and equality, but to actually put on those gloves and be a part of the anti-apartheid movement; it was here in this great city where I found my calling

  • Crime And Demographic Analysis

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    University of Chicago sociologist started using crime mapping around 1900s. Among the pioneers were Sophensiba and Breckenridge and Edith Abbott of Progressive Movement, social workers who mapped delinquent children in Chicago over the period of 1899 to 1905. Their map used dot for every house is called point map that pinpoints and represent geographical locations (coordinates or addresses). (Chamard, 2006) In United States, urban sociologists Robert Park, Clifford Shaw and Henry McKay were credited

  • Literary Analysis Of The Devil In The White City

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    Literary Analysis of The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson Erik Larson is the author of numerous best-selling books, such as The Devil in the White City, which was based off Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. Larson splits this book into two plot lines, one focusing on serial killer H.H Holmes and his ideas and plans; and the other focusing on John Root and Daniel Burnham, who were talented architects that were appointed responsible for building the fair. The dominant theme of this book is the representation

  • The Role Of Socialism In Sinclair's The Jungle

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    return to living in very harsh conditions. The entire family struggles to find good work and even the children have to get jobs to help support the family. The family struggles with illnesses from the harsh conditions and the very extreme cold in Chicago at the time. After devastation hits and Jergis loses his family, and he struggles after getting out of jail. He has a very hard time with losing his wife and eventually, both of his kids. He becomes a drunk and has more trouble with his work and