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  • Brutality In Chicago

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    I was born and raised in the city of Chicago, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Everyone from my father to my mother’s side of the family lives here, so if I suddenly leave to live in a different city, I would lose a big part of where I came from. Family is very important to me since I know I’ll always have some to look after me that is why when I think of Chicago, I think of all my family members here. Another unique thing about Chicago is how it’s always busy. Wherever you are, they are people

  • Comparing Chicago And Taishan

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    ever hear a small seraphic town called Taishan? It was the place where I grow up, which is located in south of China. Before I moved to Chicago, I spent a wonderful times in my hometown, Taishan. So far, Chicago and Taishan have the infinite significance for me. Even though they seem to have numerous differences, they certainly have somethings similarities. Chicago is one of the most illustrious modern city in the United State, which have a large amount of gorgeous buildings in downtown. Some of which

  • Trends In Chicago Architecture

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    the founding of Chicago in 1833 we can notice patterns in styles in architecture and take this knowledge to think about the conceptual design of the city in its entirety. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Hammond, Beeby, and Babka were all famous architects with different styles and concepts. Their views on ornamentation and historical touches conflicted, but all are similar in that they found light, space, and function in their building designs. Most importantly, they left a mark on Chicago architecture that

  • Chicago School Criminology

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    The Chicago School of Criminology originated from the Chicago School known as the Ecological School or the theory of social disorganization. The Ecological School materialized to be the most recognized theory used with science while guiding programs and policy implementations in the 1800 and 1900s and today (Tibbetts, 2012, pp. 127-128). The scientist became recognizing the school because of degree of understanding of the chaos and crime that emerged in Chicago in the late 1800s and early 1900s

  • Rise Of Chicago Essay

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    The Rise of Chicago... The windy city, Chi-Town, Chi-raq, City in a Garden, all names for the city that´s population grew from 29,963 to 1,698,575 from the 1850’s to the 1900’s. Why you ask? Well, hopefully i’ll answer your question throughout this informative assignment. I believe the most important events that affected Chicago include the transcontinental railroad, the Great Chicago Fire, and the Great Migration. Keep in mind there are plenty more factors and reasons why Chicago went from a young

  • Eassy On Chicago Fire

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    Along time ago in a city far far away from here a city called Chicago, in 1871 chicago was lit in an unknown way. All we do know is that it was a disaster. The author Jim Murphy gives us plenty of reasons why the city was ready to burn for example, There had been a long lasting drought for several months therefore it was very dry, and the town was basically made of wood and could ignite any time it wanted to. Also to made it even worse the roofs on buildings were made of tar,and there were several

  • Essay On Business In Chicago

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    into the Chicago area code? Nextiva VoIP services make it possible to purchase area code 312, 773 and 708 no matter where in the world you are located. Chicago Area Code 312, 773 and 708 The Chicago area code is an asset to any business. The city is the biggest city in the state of Illinois, and the 3rd largest in the country. It has an estimated population of 2.7 million people and covers 234 square miles. Area code 312, 773 and 708 is in Cook County in the northern part of Illinois. Chicago is on

  • Genium Park In Chicago

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    “Millennium Park is a public park located in the Loop community area of Chicago in Illinois, US, and originally intended to celebrate the second millennium. It is a prominent civic center near the city's Lake Michigan shoreline that covers a 24.5-acre section of northwestern Grant Park. As of 2009, Millennium Park trailed only Navy Pier as a Chicago tourist attraction.” The walking tour was so fun for me, and most interested things were the Crown Fountain and the cloud gate or the beans. Those public

  • Chicago World Fair

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    1893 Chicago was one of the most revolutionary times in United States history; the Chicago World Fair was in full effect and became a total success, despite those who disregarded it. Although the fair only lasted 6 months, it changed the future all for the better. This time was full of pure joy and exciting change; however, not all was entirely well in the White City. Nearly right around the corner a darker, more twisted occurrence was at large. Notorious serial killer H. H. Holmes recognized a rare

  • How Did The Chicago World Fair Of 1893 Impact The City Of Chicago?

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    To what extent did the Chicago World Fair of 1893 impact the city of Chicago? Background The World Fair of 1893 could not have happened at a better time for the city of Chicago. When the fair took place the city was beginning to recover from a depression and the fire that ultimately destroyed the city. This fair gave Chicago the opportunity to show the world what they were capable of creating and building. Chicago had to fight for their right to host the fair as it was competing with many, already

  • What Is The Mood Of The Poem Chicago

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    Carl Sandburg’s poem, Chicago, running twenty-three lines is a poem written in free verse without a set meter or rhyme scheme. However, many lines have a melodic flow that climbs and falls within a fast moving poem that delivers one word punches. The poetic structure of the poem consists of lists of adjectives that describe Chicago with vivid imagery. The words that Sandburg chooses lean towards being strong, exacting and gritty. The attitude of the speakers tone goes from being defensive to

  • Columbian World's Fair In Chicago

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    was in the midst of the Gilded Age and Chicago was believed to be an acceptable location for this fair. Chicago was celebrating the four hundred year anniversary of Columbus’ arrival to the Americas and it seemed fit for an outstanding presentation for middle class Americans and attendees throughout the world. Our research will focus on the importance of the Columbian World’s fair and why it was invested primarily in northwestern part of the country, Chicago at the end of the Gilded Age, and the middle

  • Summary Of Chicago Metropolis 2020

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    Analysis Daniel Burnham’s plan of Chicago of 1909 was created to beatified Chicago and accommodate the vast amounts of the increasing population. The plan improved many areas and allowed for the development of the city. A person in who was particularly inspired with Burnham’s plan was Elmer W Johnson. Johnson used Burnham’s plan as an inspiration to create the Chicago Metropolis 2020 plan; A plan that aspired to prepare the city for the future. The Chicago 2020 plan addressed the wanting of the

  • Essay On Chicago World's Fair

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    Commencing in the late nineteenth century, the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair has stood the test of time as a symbolic image of unity for the worlds people. Originally organized to commemorate the four hundredth anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in North America, the exposition also served to host and celebrate the many diverse groups and nations from across the globe. The fair would officially commence on May 1, 1893 and would become at the time the largest fair to have been constructed within

  • Metro In Chicago Research Paper

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    Metro in Chicago The windy city night life is always hot, with its sizzling night clubs and concert ventures, party goers can always dance the night away. In the midst of this great city, stands the Metro of Chicago, a incredible concert hall, featuring some of the best performances in the area. Established in 1982, it is well known for displaying not only national artists but local ones as well. With the success of one of its first shows, promoting the band, R.E.M., Metro Chicago has increasing

  • Gender Stereotypes In The Movie Chicago

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    a 1942 movie titled “Roxie Hart” and eventually, the 2002 musical movie “Chicago”. (Eig) In the classic tale, Roxie Hart must fool the jury into declaring her not guilty after she kills her boyfriend. Due to the fact that it was based off of a true story, the movie has an obvious correlation with historical events. However, the portrayal of gender stereotypes, crime and prohibition were also accurate. The movie Chicago plays with the idea of women empowerment and subtly incorporates them into

  • Chicago Riverwalk Research Paper

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    Last year in anticipation of the crowds that were expected to descend upon the city for the Chicago Architectural Biennial, Mayor Rahm Emanuel dedicated four signature public spaces. The Riverwalk, a modern addition to the Beaux Arts retaining wall along the Chicago River; the 606, a winningly un-slick 2.7-mile bike trail and chain of narrow parks that slices through four neighborhoods on the city's Northwest Side; Maggie Daley Park, a kid-centric pleasure ground of more than 25 acres just east of

  • Chicago White City Essay

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    world’s fair ever staged (Böger 109). The competition to host the fair among Chicago, New York, Washington, and St. Louis. It was held in celebration of the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival to the New World in 1492 (, Reardon 1). It was meant to establish Chicago’s identity as a city of importance after being incorporated as a city in 1837. The fair also marked the rebirth of the city after the Chicago Fire of 1871 (Nadelhaft 31-33). It has been nicked named the White City because

  • Summary Of No Sanctuary In Chicago Gang Wars

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    In the newspaper paper article, “No Sanctuary in Chicago’s street Gang wars,” Kass (2017) focuses on a recent murder in Chicago. Kass states that Chicago is a place of death do to the ongoing gang wars that Chicago is experiencing. Kass (2017) further points out Chicago gang crime is an “intergenerational problem, of grandfathers and fathers and sons and mothers and daughters wearing their gang colors.” Kass’ statement about in gang crime being an intergenerational problem is consistent with prior

  • Essay On The Great Chicago Fire Of 1871

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    it. Chicago is a primary example of a city which proved its strength by undergoing disaster, and becoming better for it. Perhaps the most jarring of these disasters was the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, symbolized by the second of four stars on the Chicago flag. This tragedy, claiming the lives of hundreds and causing millions of dollars in damage, was horrid, but the city overcame and grew to be one of America’s most influential cities. A crucial element of Chicago’s history, the Great Chicago Fire