Brutality In Chicago

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I was born and raised in the city of Chicago, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Everyone from my father to my mother’s side of the family lives here, so if I suddenly leave to live in a different city, I would lose a big part of where I came from. Family is very important to me since I know I’ll always have some to look after me that is why when I think of Chicago, I think of all my family members here. Another unique thing about Chicago is how it’s always busy. Wherever you are, they are people running around trying to get to work, partying from night till the sun comes out, or protesting about something wrong with the government. Without a lot of people around me, I feel it is too quiet, so if I ever plan to live in a suburb, I don’t know how I will live. Also, …show more content…

There have been numerous protests in Chicago right now about police brutality. After what happened last year with the police just randomly shooting fired with Michael Brown, Laquan McDonald, and many more, this got people angry and started to protest more heavily on the streets. What happened recently in Dallas, people were so furious with the police department that they stepped onto the Dan Ryan highway. If people have to go that extreme to send a message, the City of Chicago is doing something wrong. We can change this by police being more peaceful and not so forceful if the victim didn’t do or say anything yet. They can’t just shot before they know what’s happening and say it was self defense or the victim was running away, no excuses. Whether someone did a huge crime, their lives should not be taken away so quickly; there are always second chances. This whole problem is mostly because of the diversity in Chicago. All the races stay in their own group of people: mexicans with mexicans, blacks with blacks, asians with asians, etc. It is very rare to find someone hanging out with someone who doesn 't look like them. People have to explore new people and stand as

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