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The Tragic Life of Emmett Till Emmett Till’s deformed body lead to a new idea. The new idea was like a spark to tinder. In 1955 in Leslie Millhams barn Emmett Till was dragged from a ford truck and the next thing a whip sound pierces the starry night. And a strangled cry from Till rings out from the barn. The men drag Till back to the truck and throws him into the bed of the truck and blood starts to trickle out of the bed of the truck. Emmett Till 's death impudent the civil rights movement by showing the world how cruel people were to African americans. Which caused people to fight for a change. Emmett Till was born in 1941 in Chicago Illinois. Till grew up in a black middle class neighborhood. His cousins always called him Bobo. Emmett Till never knew anything about his father because his mom, Mamie Till and his father, Louis Till were separated in 1942. Emmett Till was given his father 's …show more content…

Moses Wright tried to stay out of the way and let the men do their job(S5). He states that his wife tried to make the men release Emmett Till and offered to pay the men anything as much as they wanted. Moses states that the men did not even say a word. Moses wright watched the men drive away through the screen door on the porch. He states that the men did not turn on the lights on the car when they pulled out of the driveway. Moses states that the men did not bring him back to his house. Moses states that he was there when Emmett Till was pulled out of the river(S5). He states that Till was in a boat when he was last seen in money. The sheriff had notified Moses wright that Till was in a boat by the Tallahatchie river.(S5) The ring that Emmett Till wore was taken off when Emmett Till was first found. Moses Wright arranged a funeral for Emmett Till in Money but the body was not buried there. Moses was asked to demonstrate how the men had the flashlight and the pistol in his

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