Analysis Of 'The Murder Of Emmett Till'

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According to “The Murder of Emmett Till” by David Robson, Mamie Carthan, later and better known as Mamie Till, was born in Webb, Mississippi and the only child to John and Alma Carthan (Robson, The Murder of Emmett Till). At the age of two Mamie’s father, John Carthan, alone moved to Argo, Illinois, which was an upcoming suburb of Chicago, in search for a job (Robson, The Murder of Emmett Till). A short time after John Carthan moved to Argo, Illinois, settled into a house, and local job at a corn refinery; at that point did Alma Carthan take their two year old daughter, Mamie, to Argo, Illinois to rejoin John and become a family again (Robson, The Murder of Emmett Till). At the age of eighteen, Mamie had done outstanding in her education, not

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