Oj Simpson Case Essay

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OJ Simpson was an idolized NFL player, actor, and broadcaster. He was loved by all and defied all racial barriers during the 1900s. People didn’t see him for the color of his skin, they saw him as an American hero. This was until June 12, 1994 when Nicole Simpson, OJ Simpson’s ex wife, as well as Ronald Goldman were found murdered. This was the beginning of the end of most Americans respect and adoration for OJ Simpson. OJ became the prime suspect of their murders. This case is well known to this day for many reasons, including the LAPD’s tampering with evidence. One way the LAPD ignored the law is when they entered OJ’s home without talking to OJ, and without a search warrant. This resulted in an illegal search where the evidence that was found would not be admissible in court. At the time, the LAPD was known to be racist, so when Detective Fuhrman denied using any racial slurs in the past 10 years, the defense looked into it. They found recordings of Fuhrman using the term “nigger” numerous times in interviews. This caused the jury to believe that Detective Fuhrman wasn’t a credible witness. Therefore, the jury rarely talked about him or the …show more content…

I think there is more evidence proving his innocence than his guiltiness. The corruption in this case and the racism in the LAPD helped the defense show that there was not enough evidence to prove that OJ was guilty. There are many reasons why I think OJ is innocent, but the piece of evidence that I think is most important is that all of OJ’s blood at the crime scene contained EDTA. EDTA is something that is put in test tubes with blood to prevent blood clots. EDTA is not found naturally in people's blood, which means someone had to have planted OJ’s blood at the scene. Another crucial piece of evidence is that the crime scene showed a major struggle so the murderer would have been severely bruised, and all OJ had on him was a

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