Why Is Oj Simpson Innocent

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OJ Simpson is Indeed Innocent “If it doesn’t fit, you have to acquit,” this quote said by one of OJ Simpson’s attorneys, Johnny Cochran, is widely known for its impact on the controversial case of OJ Simpson. From 1994-1995 OJ Simpson was known as one of the most controversial cases in the USA due to the verdict that OJ was innocent of the murders of his ex wife and one of her friends. On June 12, 1994 Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman met an untimely demise, and the only suspect the police ever reviewed was OJ Simpson. OJ was later caught in a low speed chase in a white Ford Bronco before being taken into custody and put on trial. In the sensationally controversial court case involving OJ Simpson as a suspect for murder, The innocent ruling …show more content…

Simpson suffered from two types of arthritis at the time of the murder being rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Along with this he suffered from injuries from his football career and close to the time of the murder he had been suffering from severe sweats late at night as stated by his doctor Robert Huizenga(Trial). Overall, his ailments would have severely limited if not eliminated any potential for OJ Simpson to have murdered both Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman with nothing but a small cut on his hand. Outside of the small cut, OJ had no injuries on his body. Both the limo driver that took OJ to the airport and an airport employee whose friend got OJ’s autograph following the murder said that they saw nothing, although the limo driver later stated that he would not have noticed it if it was there(Trial). Ron was a black belt and in good shape and when he was taken in there were injuries all over his body including cuts and scrapes on his knuckles that suggest that fought the murderer for ten to fifteen minutes before finally being killed. The autopsy report for Nicole Brown states that “The incised wound of the neck is gaping and exposes the larynx and cervical vertebral column” and “On the left side the left common carotid artery is transected with hemorrhage in the surrounding carotid sheath and the left internal jugular vein is subtotally transected with only a thin strand of tissue remaining posteriorly with surrounding soft tissue hemorrhage”(Nicole) show that Nicole was not murdered in a simple way. Clean cuts made by the murderer suggest that they had some experience with killing since if it had been slightly off blood would have spilled down her throat and it did not. OJ Simpson had no reported knife training and his intolerance to blood make the situation unlikely as blood sprayed everywhere. OJ’s physical condition did not match what happened at

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