Media's Influence In The O. J. Simpson Case

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The O.J. Simpson case was a different one because he was a celebrity. The celebrity status made all the difference in the case, as most people had diverse views on the case. As a famous individual, the media also had the chance to broadcast the trial and give differences of opinion on the case. The celebrity status had a significant influence in the O.J. Simpson case as the public had to struggle with an image he had created for many years. People knew O.J. Simpson as a footballer and an actor with a charming character impossible to hurt anyone. Consequently, the image that he had created to the public eye made it especially difficult to determine whether he was a violent man who beat his wife and would have killed the two innocent people. …show more content…

Simpson’s case. According to Ogletree Jr., the media tainted the evidence of the case making some of the most relevant facts of the trial less necessary. Journalists did not care much about the criminal justice system within the country. The media gave a platform for people to give views on a case that was on trial whether the information they provided was credible or not. The involvement of the media compromised the access of witnesses, as fewer people were willing to be involved in the public scandal by testifying. Additionally, the media got into the investigation by asking questions about the events before the murder. The National Enquirer, for instance, took a different angle to investigate the case; however, by doing this, the media almost made it impossible for proper investigations to be held by the criminal justice system. Ogletree Jr. maintains that the press failed terribly by trying to assume what the lawyers or witnesses thought at different times of the trial, which was a fail (Ogletree). Consequently, there should be a level of protection from the media. Public figures should not have their cases aired or followed to prevent tampering of evidence or misconceptions. For instance, Simpson’s case was greatly influenced by the media coverage, which compromised the capabilities of the criminal justice

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