Media Bias Research Paper

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In America, Media bias is everywhere, in the United States all the information that an average American received through everyday sources, the news was most likely processed through the media and told through a biased point of view, when the media gets their hands on news if it is important then it probably won’t be talked about or downplayed no matter the source like in the newspaper, radio, television, movies, as well as other outlets that the media uses, the media only seems to share the news that they find interesting, even then the media would most likely have changed the story, in what they say is just tweaked news, what actually happened and what really happened would be two different stories, also the story would be told from one person …show more content…

These are the obvious faults that can be seen in the topic of media bias, the media only shares what they want us to, know, more of keeping people on a need to know basis in the United States, the many faults of the media can be seen by the public, regardless of gender, beliefs, political party, this biased information that is being fed to the American people and nothing is getting done about because more people are getting skeptical of if as distrust of the media increases yearly, something needs to change about this so that people know the truth, not force fed lies by the

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