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In society, interaction is mainly conveyed through the use of media. In an ideal world, broadcasting is done with no biases and consumers are able to digest the authentic picture, although, in reality, the media implements its own beliefs and values. The Bill Cosby case is a controversial incident that has been reoccurring for the past few decades. Cosby is known in America as the ideal family man, he was idolized and a role model for many. However, Cosby is allegedly accused of drugging and raping dozens of women, and the victims are filing lawsuits against him. Each news source has its own social and political view on who is considered the offender and victim. The viewpoint of that source can affect an individual’s perception on the case.…show more content…
The journalist is claiming Cosby as innocent and anyone who questions his allegations are automatically blaming him. In contrast to WorldNetDaily, a CNN news report leans more towards liberal and why Cosby is an alleged rapist. For instance, the article focuses on how Cosby openly admitted possessing drugs while having interest to have sex with women. The report stated, “ Cosby admitted that he acquired seven prescriptions of sedatives with the intent to give them to women he wanted to have sex with” (CNN 2). This concludes how Cosby legitimately possessed drugs at the time with the intention to have sex with these women. The new source also provides reassurance to its readers because despite the Cosby case lacking evidence for Bill Cosby to be prosecuted, he still has a chance of facing serious consequences. According to the CNN article, “Bill Cosby won’t face prosecution for most of the rape allegations against him. But he could still face serious consequences” (1). This meaning, although Cosby will not be receiving prosecution for his crime, he is still prone to other types of punishments. Comparing to both…show more content…
The New York Post article targets the victims and continues to idolize Cosby, while the Huffington Post source justifies the victims, and gives reasoning for why Cosby may be an alleged rapist. For instance, the liberal article argues, “ Yes there is a lack of evidence, however, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any evidence. Dozens of women can testify. (Huffington Post 1). This statement details, that despite a lack of evidence, there is no reason that the incident never occurred because plenty of women filed lawsuits against Cosby. I personally believe reading conservative new sources can impact my perception on the case because I can get a negative impression of the alleged victims, and define Cosby as innocent. If I were to read liberal new sources, I would gain a better understanding on the situation in the victim’s perspective because they have reasons for prolonging their lawsuits. Lastly, by reading a neutral news article, I am more exposed to a less biased perception of both parties. Hence, varying news sources can shift your perception on the

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