Zoot Suit Riots Analysis

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Our economy during the 1930s was struggling trying to recover from the Great Depression, and this brought out the worst in Americans. The stock crash during the 1930s, left banks uninsured and the government with no compensation for the unemployed. This left hundreds of families begging for food on the streets. During this decade, the Zoot Suit Riots was a primarily example of a hate crime against Mexican American in Los Angeles. This awful event is controversial to this day when discussing who 's to blame for this crime. We have the servicemen who physically and mentally hurt those who wore zoot suits, and they are seen as the doers of this crime. On the other hand, others blame the media for spreading this news without making the Zoot Suiters seem innocent. The media took advantage of this opportunity to bash the Mexican American community in Los Angeles.
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On the other hand, historians believe that the media is to hold accountable for the Zoot Suit Riots. The media was against the Mexican American community in Los Angeles. For instance, the media was responsible for influencing other non servicemen to attack the young latino men in Los Angeles. Kathleen Campos author of Media and the Zoot Suit Riots, claimed that the media used the strike as an opportunity to discredit Mexican American culture. This article confirm that the media was portraying anti Mexican feelings, tried to bash Mexican Americans by using derogatory names, and made it seem like the strike wasn 't violent. The media had heavy impact to what they were informing readers, and the media misinformed their audience allowing the Mexican American community to face the repercussions. The Mexican American culture and integrity was demolished because the media were unbiased, subjective, money based organizations. The media allowed injustice acts occur in front of them, and advertised this discrimination to make economic profit. So the media is often accused guilty for enhancing the Zoot Suit

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