A Mighty Long Way Summary

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Even though the media displayed false information about the 1957 integration of Little Rock Central High School it changed peoples views on segregation. In A Mighty Long Way Little Rock, Arkansas nine African American students wanted to go to a well educated high school but they do not understand why so many people are angered that they are just getting a better education. During the integration of Little Rock Central High School in 1957, the media illuminated certain events and painted an inaccurate or incomplete picture of other events.

The media illuminates many important events that show how racist white people are treating black people and showing people in the North who are against segregation and support integration. The media is illuminating racial relations in the South and they are showing how people in the North are being treated. When people in the North sees how the segregationists are treating African Americans in the South, they support the side of integration. In “A Mighty Long Way”, Carlotta said that, “Finally one of them delivered a crushing blow to the back of Wilson”s head with an heavy object believed to be a brick” (pg.85 Lanier). People are seeing how white racists are attacking African-Americans. …show more content…

“There is evidence of disorder and threats of disorder which can lead to injury and the doing harm to persons and property” (Lanier 65). It shows how Faubus thought that the segregationist beliefs of segregation were wrong and were racist beliefs. The media illuminated how the segregationist were making the problem of integration worse even though it showed people in the North how African Americans were treated in the

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