Argumentative Essay On Brown V. Board Of Education

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In 1957, Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas’s decision, segregation in public education violated the Fourteen Amendment, but Central High School refused to desegregate their school. Even though various school districts agreed to the court ruling, Little Rock disregarded the board and did not agree to desegregate their schools, but the board came up with a plan called the “Blossom plan” to form integration of Little Rock High despite disputation from Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus. Desegregating Central high encountered a new era of achievement of black folks into the possibility of integrating public schools, and harsh resistance of racial integration.
Although nine black students were admitted into Little Rock harsh violence and …show more content…

The Little Rock nine had strength and courage to apply for an all white school despite on others that may not agree on having black students in their community, even though one was expelled and some not graduated they all represent a mark of achievement in black history they symbolized hope of integrating other public schools and maybe the world. They had words of wisdom from Martin Luther King Jr. explaining them he is aware of the mobs and Faubus and others trying to terminate there education, he gave explains how their action are unholy and to remain Christian to represent all of black people to show others how to properly act into these types of situations, and all integration in the future is upon them they must show who blacks are and how to correctly define us. However the school board, governors, and organization showed an abundance of resistance to the court ruling, they tried many protests and rallies to avoid the nine students in Little Rock. Although they all tried to stop the nine students from proper education, Little Rock Nine held their heads high and eventually were able to encounter human relations and graduate, the nine students us all how we are defined and we should not let anyone determine that for us depending on race, gender, or

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