Summary: The Bravery Of The Little Rock Nine

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The Bravery of the Little Rock Nine “It was” she said “the longest block I ever walked in my whole life.” The Little Rock Nine, used continued effort to achieve difficulties they faced. They had a strong feeling about something they wanted to do, and they accomplished this by not giving up and pushing forward. The Nine students used perseverance, passion, and bravery to become the first black students to go to an all-white school in 1957. In the beginning the Little Rock Nine used perseverance to overcome prejudice. First, one of the Little Rock Nine, Elizabeth Eckford persevered the hardships of the day of desegregated schools. Billings the Author of Hero’s shared that Elizabeth felt petrified on the first day of school, but she managed …show more content…

First, Elizabeth and the other students showed they were brave by going to Central High School. Billings the Author, said Elizabeth and the eight other students where the first colored students to attend an all-white school. (Billings) Therefore by being the first black students, the nine students had a lot of pressure and attention on them. Secondly, they used bravery because they did not back down, and they did not show their fear. Billings shares Elizabeth kept her head up, eyes focused in front of her, she did not want the crowd to know that she was scared. Thus, the crowd was so intense and angry the nine students were trying to enter the school, but could not. Thirdly, they finished school and did not give up. Billings describes the Little Rock Nine survived a whole school year in a hostile environment. The kids where bullied, pushed, spat on and called names. The Little Rock Nine were very young, brave, and strong kids for pushing through and finishing the school year. In conclusion, the Little Rock Nine used perseverance, passion, and bravery to become the first black students to attend an all-white school. These kids who went to Central High School, where very courageous in taking one of the first steps towards desegregation. Now it’s your turn to change how the world

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