And Still We Rise Analysis

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In the novel “And Still We Rise: The Trials and Triumphs of Twelve Gifted Inner-City Students” written by Miles Corwin demonstrates how Inner City Los Angeles is not just full of gangbangers and drug dealers, but also full of success and diversity. Corwin, a reporter, spent a year at Crenshaw High School to document the lives of the students as they manage to fight the obstacles in Advanced Placement English, inside and outside of class. Toni Little, an AP English teachers, also struggles this year due to the fact of discrimination for being the only white teacher. Corwin also spent the year with another AP English teacher, Anita Moultrie, who is Little’s “nemesis.” After taking several beatings of discrimination from Moultrie, the school …show more content…

Another character that Corwin used was Miesha. During Meisha’s backstory, “Her father lived in Texas. Her mother obtained a job as a Los Angeles bus driver, constantly worked overtime…” (77.) Because her mother and father wasn’t there to raise her, it shows that she is willing to pursue an education even without the support of her parents, and in the end, she has succeeded. I am actually surprised that she made it this far, because if i didn’t have my parents, I wouldn 't even be in an AP class. The last student that Corwin used was Latisha. In her autobiography, she states, “It started when I was less than eight years old and continued until I was in the fourth grade. A man my mother was living with forced me to surrender to sexual activities…”(154.) Latisha has suffered from sexual abuse for a couple of years now, and the fact that she is succeeding in her education proves that even having a bad childhood doesn’t have to get in your way of success. Most of the children in Little’s AP class has a dark background. For example, coming from a childhood full violence or sexual abuse. But even that kind of obstacle shouldn’t stop you from succeeding in getting an education. Through the book, “And Still We Rise: The Trials and Triumphs of Twelve Gifted Inner-City Students” Corwin has showed the audience that no matter where you are or where you are from, you can always succeed in

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