Summary Of Rereading America By Toni Cade Bambara

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In the book, “Rereading America,” written by Toni Cade Bambara along with Gary Colombo and Robert Cullen, Bambara focuses on the challenges and desire to teach by contras of what you don’t have and what you can achieve. (Bambara, pg. 253-259) It is without doubt that even though a cookie cutter theory is used in most schools; there will be certain social economical neighborhoods in which a teacher or adult will have to vary the process of communication in order to get his or her point across with dedication and teach the love for learning. Ms. Moore had been a wise educated woman who did not avoid the challenging attitudes of children going up in a disadvantaged economical community. There were struggles in more ways than just the money factor, it was the fact that with less opportunities brought about financial support came fear. Fear, that would ultimately lead them to helplessness of how far they could achieve their dreams. …show more content…

With Sugar the struggle was easy, yet with Silvia a lot more difficult. It was children like Silvia that Ms. Moore knew she would have to be a bit more extreme in not only teaching her verbally, but also showing her the difference in knowing the “real meaning of money, how to earn it and spend it”. As an educator, the challenge doesn’t only apply to the immediate family. The challenge also surrounds it self by environmental and media factors including but not limited to music, thus as a child until someone comes along and takes the time to explain and physically show you your ultimate options you could potentially remain still. Ms. Moore knew that and with that she took the children to “F.A.O. Schwarz” in New York. The children had different reactions to their own experience in the store, but it was also this trip that changed them as

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