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“Kids know Nothing about racism.They’re taught that by adults,” say’s Ruby Bridges. Ruby’s life at home, how her education impacted her family, how her education helped, the stress she was going through and how she fixed it, and her life after school. Ruby Bridges discrimination in going to school changed how people looked at kids and especially black kids at school. In fact her home life wasn’t bad.

Born on September 8,1954 in Tylertown, Mississippi. Ruby Bridges is an African American girl. Ruby lives with her parents and grandparents on a farm. According to her mom’s name is Lucille Bridges and her dad’s name is Abon Bridges. Her parents decided to move to New Orleans hoping for a better life. Her dad got a job at a gas station and her mom got night job’s. Ruby’s parents had two boys and one girl when they moved. Ruby was very smart and wanted to get the education she deserved. How important is education?

Ruby was picked to take a test in kindergarten to see if she could go to a white only school. The test was very hard because they didn’t want African Americans at their school. Her dad didn’t want her taking the test because he was afraid of problems occurring. Her mom wanted her to take the …show more content…

You are really smart and want to go where you can have a good education. To get a good education you would go to an all white school and to do that you have to take a test. You are one out of the six kids who passed. You are excited and nervous at the same time. You walk into your new school and you are treated dreadfully. You don’t think it could get worse, but sadly you find out that you don’t anyone else in class with you. Your family is being affected too. I thought that Ruby had a hard time with the beginning of her life. I thought that Ruby did a great job on getting into a good school and ignoring the people who were rude to her. I think Ruby’s life turned out better than what it was starting to

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