Ruby Bridges Significance

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Ruby was the first african american child to go to a all white school. Ruby was in a test group of all african american kindergartners to go to 1st grade and Ruby was accepted. Ruby Bridges is important because she had a huge effect on the outcome of integration of schools.
Ruby made a huge impact in the civil rights movement. In 1960 Ruby was chosen at six years to attend William Frantz Public School. It was November 14, 1960 and Ruby was the first african American student (Turner.) Integration came to new Orleans as a court order. Ruby became a symbol of the Civil Rights Movement (Ruby Bridges.) Ruby bravery made a difference in the Civil Rights Movement. Ruby lives in New Orleans and continues to fight for the Civil Rights Movement. She established the Ruby bridges foundation (Turner.) She helped developed more of the civil …show more content…

Ruby Bridges first day of school was on November 14,1960. She went to school at william Frantz elementary School in New Orleans, Louisiana . Ruby saw parents take their children out of school (Ruby Bridges.) They did not want to let their kids go to school with Ruby and the other students (Turner.) The white citizens rebelled against this, they rebelled by treating her with hatred rooted in prejudice (Ruby Bridges.) When they pulled up to the school people were shouting and there were barricades (Bridges.) As Ruby entered the school she was protected by four armed federal marshals and her mom (Ruby Bridges.) Every day angry crowds greeted Ruby (Turner.) Ruby thought it was Mardi Gras when she pulled into the school. People would yell and throw things. People would protest mean things like,holding up signs. There was even a black doll on a coffin. White people would throw things like rocks and bricks at cats. They would burn crosses and put warnings in black neighborhoods (Bridges.) Many people got angry of the idea of an african american girl going to a all white

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