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Charlotte E. Ray
In this paper I will be providing you lots of information on Ms. Ray. Charlotte E. Ray accomplished a lot of great things for African American and women in general. Becoming not only the first female African-American lawyer in the United States but also the first to practice in Washington, D.C. Because of her bravery and persistence obstacles were broken. Ray has paved the way for young women of color in today’s society. She has paved the way for any women in today’s society to reach their dreams. To become a lawyer if they wanted too. Charlotte E. Ray
Charlotte E. Ray created a turning point in history when it came to paving a way for African Americans. As the first female African American lawyer, she made a difference in …show more content…

Ray was born in New York City on January 13, 1850 to Charlotte and Reverend Charles Bennett Ray. She was one of seven kids, growing up with two sisters and four brothers. Charlotte was the youngest of three girls. Her first years were spent in New York City but soon after in the 1860s Ray and her family moved to Washington, D.C. where she started school at the Institution for the Education of Colored Youth. This was the only school in the area that allowed African American girls. At the age of 19 Ray graduated from the Institution. Not even six months later Howard University hired her as a teacher. Ray 's job consisted of her training other school teachers but she was not happy with that position. Charlotte 's dream was to attend the university 's law school. Unfortunately Howards Law were not interested in women at the time so Ray came up with an idea to apply under the name "C.E. Ray" to disguise her gender. The university was hesitant to accept her application but they gave in. Charlotte attended law classes while still training others in the Preparatory Department. After completing her degree in 1872 Ray became the first African American women to graduate from an American law school and receive a law

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