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Ever wonder who Ruby Bridges happens to be? People say that Ruby Bridges is an American Hero and is very well known. Many schools talk about Ruby Bridges and is known for being the very first African child to desegregate a school called William Frantz Elementary School. Ruby was only six years old when this happened. Ruby Bridges was born on September 8, 1954, in Tylertown Mississippi. You may be wondering what was the reason for doing what she did. When she first enrolled in an all-white school the parents found out that Ruby Bridges was enrolled into their children's school and they were very upset. After that the parents complained to the school and wanted Ruby Bridges to either get kicked or they will move their kid to a different school. …show more content…

She was the first African American to desegregate a school when she was only 6 years old. She also changed the education system to what it is today. Now all races are allowed to attend every school and she improved the cause of civil rights. She was very brave for a six year old child. Even when many adults would say rude things to her and call her names, she ignored all of them and went to school everyday no matter what. She even caused the school to enroll several black students. She is also remarkable because she passed a test that people took to see if colored people can pass it and go to an all-white school. Ruby Bridges and 5 other people were able to pass the test but only 2 students decided to stay at their current school while the others and Ruby Bridges were sent to the all-white …show more content…

Her name was Barbara Henry, she overheard the other teachers saying they didn't want to teach her so Barabara Henry volunteered to teach her instead. Barbara Henry didn't have any hate towards Ruby Bridges for her skin color. She supported Ruby Bridges her whole school year and was proud of her. Barbara Henry is still alive to this day and was even able to see Ruby Bridges again after years of not seeing her. I think Ruby Bridges is a hero. To me, a hero is someone who is admirable and does good things but isn't perfect. Ruby Bridges is a hero because she helped desegregate schools so all skin colors can go to any school and receive the same education as white people instead of only getting taught certain things. She managed to do it even when she had almost nobody supporting her and even with multiple people saying bad words and traumatizing her she still managed to carry out her idea and desegregate

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