How Did Little Rock Nine Impact Society

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Little Rock Nine
“They found themselves in the middle of a tug a war between federal and state power”(Kirk). The students hunger for equality sparked a change that would affect America greatly. Little Rock Nine inspired many African Americans to stand up for themselves and stand against racism. They also helped desegregate schools which later lead to the desegregation of other public areas. Little Rock Nine was an inspiration to the 1960’s as seen through their background, impact, and contributions.
The Little Rock Nine or the Nine consisted of Melba Pattillo, Ernest Green, Elizabeth Eckford, Minnijean Brown, Terrence Roberts, Carlotta Walls, Jefferson Thomas, Gloria Ray, and Thelm Mothershed (Little Rock Nine American). These were just …show more content…

Little Rock Nine help the desegregated of many public places such as schools and restaurants (Kirk). “Within a decade desegregation was removed from most public schools” (Little Rock Nine). “The Nine drew attention to racism and civil rights across the United States” (Little Rock Nine American). This would not have happened if the nine gave up on their goal. We don’t have segregated public places anymore because in 1954 the Supreme Court made a decision that segregation in schools was unconstitutional. Now this has had a big effect on our world today (Little Rock Nine). People Everywhere are thankful for what the Nine did. These are few of the many contributions that the Little rock Nine helped to achieve.
In conclusion, because of Little Rock's background, impact, and contributions, The Nine have not only influenced people but inspired people then and now. Little Rock Nine fought for their rights to go to a public all white school. This has changed the lives of many people because it lead to the desegregation of public places. This group of people and their contributions have inspired many people to stand up for their rights. Little Rock Nine has forever changed

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