Little Rock Nine Sociology

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The story of the Little Rock Nine takes place in the Spring of 1957, and there were 517 African American students who lived in the Central High School District located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Although, eighty students took an interest in accompanying Central during the fall semester. These African American students had the opportunity to be interviewed by the Little Rock School Board. Out of the results of the interview, seventeen of the eighty African American students were eligible to attend Central High School. As the Central High School fall semester began, only nine of the seventeen students decided to attend Central High School. The over eight remained at Horace Mann High School, an all-black high school. On September 25, 1957, nine African American students known as the “Little Rock Nine” attended Central High School. Enrolling nine African Americans named Melba …show more content…

The impact of this major historical event changed schools all over the world by assisting the desegregation of public schools to take a huge step forward in the South. Although, there have been issues with gentrification, which is the arrival of wealthier individuals migrating into an urban district, causing the rents and property values to increase and changes in the character and culture of the district. These drastic changes can sometimes verse desegregation back to segregation because many of these urban areas are populated with African Americans who are in poverty and the wealthy who are majority Caucasian. This migration will begin to take over forcing the African Americans to move out due to the increase of rent. In conclusion, the Little Rock Nine historically affected the lives of African Americans today by enforcing the desegregated laws into action and uplifted their spirits in believing the impossible is

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