Argumentative Essay: Double Murder

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On Sunday, November 13, 1842 a double murder occurred at Smith Farm in Old Fields, Long Island. The victims, Alexander Smith and and Rebecca Smith, were a wealthy, well- respected married couple who ran Smith farm. George Weeks, the Smiths farmhand, was reporting for work the monday after the murder and heard the dog barking from the work-shed by the Smiths house. George Weeks then became suspicious since the dog was usually inside with Mr. Smith. George then looked in the house and saw that the east room window was broken and Mr. and Mrs. Smith were lying on the floor covered in blood. The authorities showed up not long after. The Bodies were discovered on the floor in the front room with head wounds from a blunt force and appear to have been burned in the fireplace. Alexander Smith had three wounds on his head all coming from a weapon that would cause blunt force trauma. The Suffolk County Coroner concluded that two wounds were to the right Auditory Meatus. One wound was along the lambdoidal suture and the hair was driven into the head, and the other was on the Parietal bone, an inch and a half in length. The blunt …show more content…

Anton was a 24 year olds, 5’7”, male, and he was the Smiths new farmhand. His fellow worker, Henry Bawer testified that Geisler complained that Mr. Smith mocked him because he couldn't speak English. Anton got tired of Mr. Smith and snapped and had to take down Mrs. Smith too. Anton was the last to see the Smiths on that Sunday, November 13, 1842. Anton claims to have been at the Smiths house up until 4pm that day then he went and slept in a barn that night. However, Henry Bawer says to have gone to the Smiths house at 2pm the sunday of the homicide and he stayed an hour, therefore, when Henry left Anton was still there for atleast an hour between 3pm-4pm. So, I have concluded from the testimonies that the murder occurred between 3pm-4pm that sunday

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