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Lizzie Borden’s Murder Case Lizzie Andrew Borden is the daughter of Andrew and Abby Borden and was accused by many of killing her parents. The murder case is still very famous today because it was the first nationally famous murder. Lizzie’s family consisted of herself, her older sister Emma Borden, step-mother Abby Borden, and her father Andrew Borden. The family also had a live in maid, Bridget Sullivan. On the day of the murder the only people present at the house were Lizzie, Bridget, Abby, and later on Andrew, which caused many people to believe that Lizzie committed the murders.
On Thursday morning, August 4, 1892, Mr. and Mrs. Borden and John Morse, Lizzie’s uncle ate an early breakfast. Around 9:00 am Mr. Borden went downstairs …show more content…

Emma stated: “I am still the littler mother, and although we must live as strangers, I will defend ‘baby Lizzie’ against merciless tounges.” Today the Borden murders is remembered as “bloody hatchet work” (Carlisle). Years later in 1926 Lizzie entered Truesdale Hospital for a gallbladder operation. She admitted herself under pseudonym Emma Borden, her attempt at disguising herself was ineffective. After several months, she returned to Maplecroft, but never recovered (Spiering 224). One year later on June 1, 1927 Lizzie suffered drastic complications, Emma had no idea that Lizzie was dying. Lizzie died on June 2nd. The Fall River Globe posted an obituary without any hint of criticism or malice. The New York Times wrote an obituary which was longer and went into great detail about the murders and the trial (Spiering 225). To this day, the Lizzie Borden case is still an unsolved mystery. Many people believe Lizzie did commit the murders but no one knows what actually happened on that tragic day in 1892. Allan Cumming put Lizzie’s feelings of being betrayed and the awful violence into a poem. “The green leaf of loyalty’s beginning to fall. The bonnie White Rose it is withering and all. But I’ll water it with the blood of usurping tyranny. And green it will grow in my ain countrie” (Spiering

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