Why Is Lizzie Borden Guilty

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Lizzie is not guilty, and I know this from the several testimonies that i read over. Some of the testimonies prove to themselves about how she is innocent. The small testimonies mostly I see that there is more evidence, the bigger testimonies like Emma Borden’s I believe does not show as much with Lizzie. All of the hidden evidence of Lizzie’s case is not mentioned enough, they grab all the evidence that can be possibly useless and focus on it more. Everyone believes Lizzie is guilty. Everyone points out the most obvious guilty evidence. But nobody wants to point the innocence of Lizzie Borden.

To begin with is John V. Morse, Lizzie's uncle. I was running through his testimony and saw that he mentioned the door. He mentioned that it was …show more content…

He had also said there was blood leading up to the front door, and had gotten on the door. In addition to the evidence found we start now with Adelaide B. Churchill testimony, and she has concern for Lizzie as she dimly says in her testimony. Adelaide Churchill is clearly suspecting Lizzie had killed her parents. We could give her the benefit of the doubt and say she probably liked Lizzie’s dress or something, but also Adelaide had not seen what Lizzie had on that morning. In Emma Borden's testimony, she had said “It was very dirty, very much soiled and badly faded.” on page 2 column 2. Emma had said that Lizzie had always wore that dress, so why should Adelaide be surprised. It just shows more about Adelaide suspecting Lizzie of the crime, as she also describes the dress with much more detail. Also reminding you this is after the crime, and this evidence is important in a way. It just shows how people quickly jumped into conclusion even when they are not a hundred percent sure about the case. The dress had no blood on it as Adelaide said even when she said that she was fanning Lizzie. She start to explain if she could see it up close she would probably had

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