Who Is Lizzie Borden Guilty

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The scandalous 19th century trial of Lizzie Borden, a wealthy women who so is accused of murdering her parents with an ax, is back. Despite if you believe that Lizzie killed them or not, is your opinion. Lizzie had much evidence to be blamed for. Perhaps not all the blame should be aspired towards her, but there is enough evidence that can charged against her. Even though Lizzie adored her father, but she completely hated her stepmother. Even though there was a lot of evidence that proved Lizzie was innocent, the evidence that proved her guilt was much more reliable and trustworthy. Lizzie did actually commit these murders because she had tried to buy prussic acid, she had burned a dress that supposedly had paint on it, and because even the own nursery rhyme states that because she had killed her stepmother she was afraid that her father would suspect of her, so she decided to kill him as well …show more content…

She had been taken into questioning on June 1893. An all-male jury deliberated and returned saying that she was not guilty but can we really trust an all-male jury group? They obviously would not say she guilty because she was a women and they wouldn’t do something to her to make her go to jail. In my opinion, I strongly believe that Lizzie Borden is guilty of killing both her parents because she attempted to buy prussic acid, she burned a dress that supposedly had paint on it, and the ‘nursery rhyme” even states what could have actually happened during the times of the murders. Lizzie had much reasons to be blamed for this. It had been claimed that Lizzie tried her best to cover up things that happened. During the testimony and questioning of Lizzie, she would hesitate a lot while she spoke and she would say that she didn’t want to answer many of the questions. Overall, this “media sensation” has been around for many years and the perspectives of everyone set a eerie

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