Why Did Lizzie Borden Become Guilty?

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How many clues does a murder suspect have to have to be proven guilty? Some of us that know of Lizzie believe that she is not a murder. Most of us believe that Lizzie Borden definitely murdered her father and step-mother with a hatchet. All of us will never know. In 1892, August 4 the brutal murder took place in the Borden house (Booth, R. 2013). Lizzie was the only really investigated subject (Booth, R. 2013) and with a few reasons why she murdered. Lizzie was born in July 1870 in Maryland (King, F. 1992). When she was 2 her real mother Sarah passed away of spinal disease (Miller, S, 2016). Then 3 years later Andrew Borden remarried to Abby Borden (Booth, R. 2013). Emma Lizzie’s sister who is 9 years older than her mothered her and …show more content…

After the murder took place a local store said that she came in and tried to buy poison but they would not sell it to them (Miller, S, 2016). That was a few days before that murder (Miller, S, 2016). Then they ended up falling ill the day before the killings took place (King, F. 1992). On the morning of the murders Lizzie did not eat breakfast with her family and was acting weird. Some of the time Lizzie and her sister Emma would not eat with the elder Borden. Lizzie did not eat with them the day so they expert said maybe Lizzie felt she did have to because she was going to kill them (Berni, C. (1997). After, the murder had taken place Lizzie had burnt a dress and then claimed it had red paint on it. Lizzie was know to shoplift from local stores. There was a robbery that happened a the Bordens and the elders said that Lizzie had done it. Lizzie was known for being a good person but her actions were off and something completely …show more content…

Lizzie claimed that her step-mother left a note saying she was going to a sick relatives house to visit (Booth, R. 2013). Abby did not leave the house. Lizzie used that as and cover up that she was trying to prove she did not kill. There was no note that was ever found. Lizzie was said to have written the note for a reason to believe Abby was not home. There was a massive amount of head blows to their heads with 11-12 for her father and 18 for her step mother that only hatred and angry could have done (Tooley, J. A. 1992). Lizzie was a very suspicious person. After the money was inherited to her and not her step mother she bought a 3 story mansion with a telephone and indoor plumbing which she had never had before even though they could afford. They said that she want the money to buy herself a nicer home with other things she had wanted her whole life but her dad would not allow it (Berni, C. (1997). After he died she went a bought what she had

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