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Lizzie Borden is the main suspect of her fathers and step mothers deaths. Lizzie Borden lived with her father and step mother, Andrew and Abby Borden. When Emma and Lizzie were younger they went through two tragic lost in the family. There little sister died when she was only two years old, and there mother Sarah Borden also died. Lizzie and Emma lived with their father and step mother, they didn't really care for their step mother Abby. They thought Abby just married her father for his money. But` once they got married that’s when all the anger got built up inside. Lizzie didn't really want her father to get remarried. When Emma finally got a say she told her Dad that Abby was just marring him for his money, land, and his house. Emma and Lizzie …show more content…

In fact, while at one time it may have been true that Lizzie is the one that killed her father and step mother. We can now state that, Bridget was involved in the murder. Bridget works for them so she know where everything goes and where it is, so she knows that house front, back, sideways, and upside down. The weird thing is, she was resting while they were lying there dead until Lizzie came in and "fond" her father, and Bridget just happened to be on the same floor as the death of Abby. Also, Bridget and Lizzie killing Andrew and Abby Borden makes sense when they say that both had no emotions when they found the bodies but they were also angry with Andrew and Abby Borden. When Lizzie and Bridget found the bodies, Lizzie burned a white dress claim it was stained with red paint. She burned the dress in the kitchen, on the stove. However, Despite the rapidity of Herald News’s claim about how Lizzie Borden killed her parents they miss the mark when it comes to Bridget being there when the death of Andrew and Abby Borden because she was there when they were murdered. Bridget has been there for the family for a while. Lizzie and Bridget both know where everything goes and where it is. In conclusion, Lizzie and the maid Bridget both murdered Andrew and Abby

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