Lizzie Borden House Murder Essay

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A very unusual and terrifying event had taken place in massachusetts. Inside the borden families home both Mr. borden and mrs.borden were both murdered. Mrs. borden was killed first in the guest bedroom and then later Mr. borden was killed in the living room while he was asleep on the couch. After investigating police had found a possible culprit and it was the borden’s daughter lizzie. The reason she is being accused of this is because of the fact that she was nowhere to be found when the murders were taking place, but she claims she had been in the loft of the barn looking for equipment for a fishing trip but the dusty floors had shown no footprints anywhere. She had also said the blood that was on the axe was from the farmer using it to kill pigeons. Her own sister Bridget Sullivan had claimed she heard lizzie laughing in her stepmother's room. …show more content…

“The barn loft where she said she looked revealed no footprints on the dusty floor and the stifling heat in the loft seemed discouraging for anyone to spend more than a few minutes searching for anything”(Lizzie borden: an account pg 2. This means that she couldn’t have been able to spend a lot of time up there, but evidence showed that it was undisturbed due to the fact that no footprints were left on the dusty floor, so she was somewhere else in the house

A second piece of evidence that was recovered was an axe that she claimed that the blood on it was from the farmer killing some pigeons. “He killed some pigeons in the barn last may or June” (Lizzie

Rue2 borden's Inquest pg 11). If that were the case that he killed them last june the blood would’ve been dry, but earlier in the documents she claimed the last time he came was in the winter

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