The Killing Of Lizzie Borden Summary

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Many events in history have gone unanswered and one of those events was the killing of the Bordens. The book has three separate parts to it and they are all very well detailed. The Borden family consisted of Andrew, the father, Abby the stepmother to Andrew 's daughters, Lizzie and Emma, Andrews two daughters and Bridget, the house maid. They all lived together in Fall River until on August 17, 1892 when Bridget was out cleaning windows, Emma was out of town, and Lizzie was in the back yard a gruesome killing happened. Arnold R. Brown wrote this book primarily to uncover the truth about who killed the couple while either proving or disclaiming theories that have surrounded the story. This book seemed very interesting because there has never been an answer to who killed them and also because even now lawyers can 't find someone to blame for the gruesome killings. The first part starts out by talking about all of the Borden family, where they lived at, where they worked at and where they came from. The Bordens were a fairly wealthy family that lived in Fall River, Massachusetts. Andrew Borden was a firm co-owner and married Abby Borden who became the stepmother of his two daughters, Emma and Lizzie …show more content…

The most valuable thing that I learned by reading this is that Lizzie “took one for the team”. This is because at first everything pointed towards Lizzie killing the Bordens with a hatchet but once I finished reading the book it proved to me that Lizzie just did it to be a good person. This book could be recommended to anyone who is past the age of 16 because it has wording that younger people could not understand. Not only that but the story itself is about a gruesome killing and that wouldn 't be a good fit for someone who was young. Although I say I would recommend this book to anyone over 16, I really would recommend this book to anyone who is willing to read it because it is very entertaining and it keeps the reader wondering

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